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"Rae Of Light"

Welcome to Rae Of Light, a unique blog here for you to explore. Rae Of Light has added such value to my life, and I love having the opportunity to share my passions and thoughts with my loyal readers. Read on, and enjoy.

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One Love Odyssey

Wholeheartedly Committed

What is it that fuels each and every one of us in this world?

Personally, Ive enjoyed writing about love, my passions, my thoughts, my experiences and the childlike wonderings of this world since I could hold a pen. 

For years, I have served as a useful source to those seeking encouragement, inspiration, a listening ear, or advice. I finally decided it was time to own that God given role and be intentional about it. The joy that I feel when I inspire someone to be the best person they can be is like nothing Ive ever experienced. During this quarantine I decided I wanted to take this feeling further and expand my capabilities by taking a leap of faith and honoring my heart. I finally chose to not let fear get in the way and to start living my purpose. 

I founded Rae Of Light with a mission to give others a taste of what goes on in my mind, what fuels my spirit, and fulfills my soul. A glance into what I’ve experienced and how I’ve grown from it. My calling is to help guide people on their journey to live in love. I am just here to support you in finding the answers you already have within you. Your success brings success to everyone around you. WE are in this together. Once you decide to invest in yourself there is no looking back. Its time to reunite with that love that we all have been searching for outside of ourselves! It begins inside and will attract the outside to intertwine seamlessly. 


I will do my best to provide insight and encouragement through my words. To help boost your confidence and offer support as you navigate your way back to pure love. There will be challenges but nothing we can't face together. I hope with my intuitively guided words, videos, and exercises it inspires you to not feel alone and  to achieve measurable results within yourself. There are no limits when you have God and fellowship. 

This is the greatest work you will do in life and it’s a daily practice. You are responsible for the effort you put in. I am here to guide you while I also hold myself accountable to practice these things daily as well. We are all learning together no one has all the answers. 

I am praying that with each passing day my Rae Of Light is leading more and more people back to pure love. If I can touch one person's heart each day I am doing exactly what I was placed on this earth to do. God tells us to Love thy Neighbor and that has been engrained in my heart since birth. 

Please take your time exploring the content and don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.

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Short & Sweet 🧡

Everybody’s got their shit and it’s not the same shit. The moment we feel safe to share our shit is the moment our lives shift. 💛...

Moral of the story 📖

Some people like to play in the dark and it’s not our responsibility to bring them to the light. We just have to keep showing up as the...

Our Souls Counterpart ♥️

Most of our lives are like the poem do you love me or do you love me not? We’re always stuck in our unsettled thoughts . We wonder will...

Make your Dream your Reality💫

We Create Our Dream World. Were only as sick as the secrets we keep in the depths of our soul. We all create stories in our heads that we...

Don’t give up Blessings are coming 💫

It’s always important to show up as we are, not with a coat of sugar or extra spice. To not be afraid to tell people what we want. To not...

Be the LOVE ❤️

Happy Valentine’s Day! May you be filled with an abundance of love, passion, and patience. There is nothing better than being seen,...

My leader ❤️

Be still my heart for you have carried me through troubled waters. You have touched my soul in utter chaos and cold. You have walked me...

A Rare Gem 💎

Sometimes love is like receiving a precious piece of jewelry that you save for special occasions. You tuck it away until it’s time to...

Let Your Soul Flow 🌊

When my soul flows at 5:22 am last night. “Fuck what you heard, why you following the herd? Immersed in division oo what a welcoming...

Dare to Dream !? ☁️🌙 ☀️🙏🏽

Its crazy to think we all start out so confidently, and it’s our experiences that make us lose it so easily. It’s the encounters we have...

Subtle Awareness 🪄

We can love ourselves but part of loving ourselves is being aware enough to see beyond ourselves in order to understand life’s...

You are the key to your Heart💫

My past relationships have had beautiful moments of course yet they also weren’t so fulfilling. I am finally at peace with every single...

Challenge your Narrative 🌟

When you’re true to your heart you exude confidence naturally. It doesn’t mean you won’t second guess yourself but you’ll never allow...

Your Truth will set you Free 💫

Do you crave intimacy but you don’t want temporary people touching your mind, body, and soul? When we come across these individuals...

Connection is True Wealth 💫

Unlearning is just as important as learning. It’s okay to feel stuck. To not understand exactly where you’re going or even to be afraid...

Find Your Grateful Heart ♥️

Why do humans take everything for granted? I don’t believe this is our natural state of being. I believe we have been taught to live in...

Immerse yourself in all you do 💫

When someone or something is important you immerse yourself in it. You dive deep to reveal the buried treasures. It doesn’t mean you...

Empathy Heals ✨

Empathy is a vulnerable choice. It’s choosing to connect to a place within us that understands the feeling within others. It’s not about...

Let your soul speak🗣

Innocence a purely admirable way of life yet every turn takes more and more away from us. If only our eyes shone wide and bright with...

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