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Dare to Dream !? ☁️🌙 ☀️🙏🏽

Its crazy to think we all start out so confidently, and it’s our experiences that make us lose it so easily. It’s the encounters we have with people, nature, and life itself. We aren’t flowing because we’re following some sort of trend. There are beliefs we’ve been taught that weren’t made to last forever. We were made to break these chains and free ourselves from this poisonous prison.

A new generation. A new world. One of inclusion. One of acceptance. One of balance. One of Yin & Yang. One of peace, a little chaos, but no so much fuckin pain. Yes, I believe in day and night. The light and the dark. Both very different yet both carry a heart.

It all starts within US. Have you opened your eyes to see? You are the treasure you’ve been searching for so very aimlessly. Gift the world with your knowledge, wisdom, and execution. Vulnerability can feel terrifying but our expression is the truest art form we will create. Let’s Be courageous and bold with our hearts. Let’s Trust ourselves now and not wait until we think we are ready. We all learn through the process anyway. Slow and steady. Be brave my friends time is nothing but an illusion. Our division is an illusion. Thank you for being YOU! Everyone has to start somewhere. That somewhere is here. Here and Now not tomorrow or next week. Please continue to show up and be a Rare breed. You are valued and appreciated.

And when I say rare I mean every kind of meat , because without all the juices we wouldn’t be a team.

Gods asking us to love each other deeply, because deep down were all ONE living in the same dream.

💚 #deeplove #findit #liveit #beit

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