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A Rare Gem 💎

Updated: Feb 6, 2021

Sometimes love is like receiving a precious piece of jewelry that you save for special occasions.

You tuck it away until it’s time to wear it because you’re afraid you will lose it.

You’re afraid that it will break, unclasp, or just somehow disappear.

You fear if you lose it you will be devastated.

You won’t know what to do with yourself.

So you just go on wearing things that aren’t as special more often because you know if you lose them it won’t matter as much.

It won’t tug at your heart strings or tear it to pieces. You know that precious jewel you have on the back burner could be the one that dismantles your defenses.

It’s sparkle not only catches your eyes but leaves a lasting impression.

The affect it has on you is one you’ve never experienced yet you know is a grateful lesson.

This precious gem you carry so tightly in your hands afraid to possess it so you choose to repress it. You think you’re giving it a comfortable home but it can barely breathe.

You place conditions on when it can come out to play knowing deep down you love it unconditionally.

You’re trying to control it’s every move because it holds so much value to you.

You believe that if it’s left at home in a dark safe place it can’t be taken from you.

The truth is it can be removed at any moment.

You are suppressing its existence and at some point it will yearn for some attention.

You were meant to take this quest to teach you communion.

This gem was meant to shine with you so effervescently and share a union.

The question is will you risk your heart to give this love a possibility?

You’ve been handed this gift don’t take it lightly and spoil its ability. Open your heart to see.

It will embrace you everyday if you would only let it free.

Sometimes it may get misplaced or even feel lost but if it’s meant to be it will always find its way back to you.

True love never leaves.

Diamonds are formed under pressure not at ease.

A true gem was never meant to be hidden.

Its time to let it release.

So wear this gift proudly and show the world just how special love is.... if we would only let it be💎✨

Love is the answer.

Love and light to all!

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