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Your Truth will set you Free 💫

Do you crave intimacy but you don’t want temporary people touching your mind, body, and soul? When we come across these individuals because we will just know they can teach you permanent lessons so don’t let those get lost in the shuffle.

When you value and respect yourself you don’t just have people around to say you have them. You don’t give yourself out freely and make excuses for it. You don’t follow a protocol that was set by everyone around you. You don’t rush to fill expectations placed on you from other peoples needs. There is no timeline for anything in life. If you feel like you don’t want someone in your space kindly remove yourself.

We aren’t here to please everyone else. Sometimes we find ourselves trying to save all these other people and don’t even give ourselves that same treatment. No one will appreciate your love and effort more than you. When you resonate with your heartbeat it guides you on your path. You will trip and even fall at times but that’s okay at least you’re trying. Nothing is by mistake or a waste of time if you are learning from it. Give yourself a good laugh and keep forging forward.

You will be dealt many different cards in your lifetime and it’s important to understand their meaning. These cards help you decide which direction in life you want to take. These cards come in the form of people, careers, promises, and even shiny objects. You will always have things coming in to distract you from your true desires. These are tests to see how much you truly want your dreams. Tests aren’t too shabby when you are living from your heart space but when you aren’t they can be quite excruciating. So find what makes your soul sing and don’t let anyone or anything take you away from it. Your purpose may not resonate for others but it doesn’t have to. This is your journey and the ones who are meant to take the ride with you will. You just have to have faith in that.

Trust your intuition and allow your discernment to help you decipher other peoples intentions for you. This goes for career, spouses, family, and friendship. Some won’t have the best motives even when they seem perfect. Only you can choose what’s best for your life and what kind of people you want in it. When you choose from a state of honoring yourself, just like the leaves in the fall, things and people that don’t belong with you will slowly and swiftly drift away. Let it be. Equal give and take is the only way to proceed 🙏🏽🍁💫

Until Next Time,

Love and Light Always 💛

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1 Comment

Dec 12, 2020

Great lesson, let your life proceed by your own design ,,peace

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