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In a world where you can choose anything…,

I dare you to choose with your heart instead of your head.

Get out of your mind and step into your soul.

To love means to risk losing.

And only a genuine risk shows the quality of your beliefs.

It’s a guarantee we will lose people, places, things, and sometimes even ourselves.

It’s a guarantee that one day we will all be gone.

If we can leave anything behind lets bottle up our love & put it on every shelf.

Choose openly.

Not with what ifs, how’s, why’s, and when’s.

Choose what scares you because it softens you so much your plans start to bend.

Choose what wraps you up so gently you feel safe in its nook.

Choose what sparks your imagination.

Choose what captures your heart like a hook.

Choose what gives you room to be a creator.

Choose what sits with you while you unravel all your layers.

Choose what touches you with honesty and honors you with wisdom.

Choose what sees your heart and wants nothing more than to carry it with them 🖤✨ ✍🏽

Love and light to all 🙏🏽

God bless you.

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