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Challenge your Narrative 🌟

When you’re true to your heart you exude confidence naturally. It doesn’t mean you won’t second guess yourself but you’ll never allow yourself to be second best.

So Let’s challenge our narratives in the New Year. We have all been given rules and regulations to follow since we were babies. Don’t do this. Don’t do that. Work hard! Pay your dues. Go to school. Go to church every Sunday. Eat 3 meals a day. Speak your mind but not at the extent that it offends other people. Keep some of those so called crazy thoughts you’re having in your head buried away. Don’t trust people at all or only trust them to a certain extent. Put your head down and do the work. We should look like this and we should dress like that. We should only date “these type of people” whatever type that was for your family. Where we should live. What kind of career we should choose. Life is just meant for us to work, eat, sleep and repeat.

There are so many stories we have been told that sometimes it’s hard to decipher which one really fits with our souls. If we just go blindly following what everyone else says are we really following what our heart desires or just succumbing to someone else’s storyline. Our hearts are pure when they are raw and untouched but once our feet touch this earth we are bombarded with others ideas, opinions, and perceptions of who we should be.

People tell us what we should be doing because it fits their own beliefs or the beliefs that have brainwashed their being so of course they will continue to teach that. It’s not their fault they don’t know any better but once we open our minds and hearts to everything possible it’s a different story. Now we have different tools in our belt to change the dynamic and if we choose not to that’s nobody’s fault but our own. We have this whole life laid out for us before we have been given the shot to understand what we actually want.

Let’s change that narrative. Let’s challenge it a little bit. We have just seen a year that shook a lot of people to the core and there will be more trying times to come. Lets face our past, present, and future head on. Let’s stand up for ourselves and release anything and anyone that doesn’t build with us. We can’t keep carrying dead weight and expect miracles to unfold. Let’s take our power back as we step into 2021 with a new and improved story. The world doesn’t have to instantly change around us we just have to choose to change from within. We have to be courageous enough to stand our ground and follow what our hearts are trying to show us. We have to show up for ourselves now to set precedence for the years that follow.

When we were kids we used to play with no care in the world. Well we aren’t kids anymore and we aren’t naive but we can for damn sure still play. We have to choose to stop hiding our power. To stop hiding behind people and jobs. To stop being afraid of how we can make an impact on ourselves and the lives around us as long as we are willing to show up. We are powerful beings and when we use that for the greater good it sends shockwaves through the universe.

The world will continue spinning with or without us so while we are here let’s choose to make the most of the time we have. That time could be minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years. None of us know how long we are here for and that’s the beauty of it. We all know that eventually we will die so what is there to be afraid of. We should fear not fully living while we’re alive instead of fearing when the moment of death will be.

We are so caught up in the negativity consuming our brains that we can’t see the beauty that is surrounding us. We must find the sliver of light within that keeps us in a state of gratitude. A state of acceptance. A state of community and sharing with every walk of life. We are all humans it doesn’t matter where we were born. It doesn’t matter what color our skin is. It doesn’t matter how old we are. What matters is our ability to see our own worth. When we see how valuable we are that’s when we start to see how valuable the other souls around us are. It takes a team to walk through life.

We’ve been faced with times of distress and hatred. We’ve been challenged with pain and discomfort. We’ve been taught that certain types of people are the enemy. My only question is are you just believing because someone told you to or are you digging deep enough to decide what really rings true for you. Following the leader was a game we played as children and most of the time the leader was leading us to mischief. Well to be honest it doesn’t change much in our adult life if we really take the time to listen.

So this final day of 2020 I ask that we all sit with ourselves. We take the time to nourish our own spirit. We write down our own lyrics . We sing and chant to the melody of our souls. We stop following the crowd and individually lead with integrity and kindness so in turn the crowd becomes one. We allow our discernment and intuition to guide us. We choose to love with our whole hearts and not one foot in one foot out. We have faith that God is with us every step of the way even in times of despair. Our relationship with God/The Universe/ Allah/ Buddha/ whomever it is to you is the most important. It doesn’t matter if you know the teachings inside and out what matters is the conversations you have together.

Listen to what feels good and you will always end up exactly where you are supposed to be. It won’t always be a clear path you will face many lessons but how you react is all that matters. When we understand that every thing and person is a chance for us to learn we start to see life in a different light. We aren’t attached to anything or anyone anymore. We choose to be with those people, in those places, at that very moment in time.

We are all beautiful beings that are here to love and be loved. Don’t let the burdens around you cripple your being. Ask yourself what you are meant to learn from each encounter and leave the rest behind with love. Life is really just a game of chess. We may be two steps behind or two steps ahead but we never lose because there is always something to learn from in the process.

Cheers to 2021 Let’s go after the career we desire. Let’s start hobbies we thought were to childish to continue doing. Let’s dance every chance we get. Let’s kiss and hug each other every time like it’s our last. Let’s love with understanding, grace, and be purely unconditional. Let’s make love to every step we take in this world and leave an imprint of our smile on the minds of everyone we encounter. Let’s light up the darkness that’s continually trying to pierce our existence. One day, one mind, one heart, and one soul at a time. We got this. Be YOURSELVES there is no one more impactful and lovely than that. When it’s all said and done there is no greater gift you can give than your authenticity.

Happy New Year!

Let’s Ignite the fire within and Light This World Up!!!

Love and light to all 💚✨

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3 ความคิดเห็น

01 ม.ค. 2564

Wishing you the very best in this new year, rock on, keep on dancing, smiling and sharing your light....peace ✌


31 ธ.ค. 2563

Thank melly for the hard work you do... Happy new years


31 ธ.ค. 2563

Happy New Year 💫

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