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Make your Dream your Reality💫

Updated: Feb 21, 2021

We Create Our Dream World.

Were only as sick as the secrets we keep in the depths of our soul. We all create stories in our heads that we start to believe is our reality. Our pain & heartbreak has created blocks in our systems that come up like vomit. Quick and with a vengeance. ✨

Struggling to protect the ugly stuff that makes you feel uncomfortable. So worried about what people are going to think of you. So what? You’re different? That’s cool. Our differences build our character. This world would be so dull and lifeless without differences. We are all beautifully fucked up anyway. ✨

We’ve all felt lost. We’ve all felt mistreated. We’ve all felt failure. We’ve all felt pain. We’ve all felt pressure to be perfect. To control every detail of our lives. To not let people see the weak parts of our being. We’ve created these bulletproof shields to protect us yet it’s harming us. It’s inevitable that we will be hurt in our lives. We’re so afraid to be hurt yet we’re hurting ourselves more by not being open. ✨

When we choose to be open the lessons are priceless. We become more aware. We grow. We change. We evolve. We understand unconditional love. We know what we are worth and we are honest about it. We know we are not our thoughts and emotions yet we still acknowledge that they are there. We realize it’s okay to feel but we don’t always have to react. We are imperfectly perfect. We let go and just be. We accept each other.

We begin to see what life is about and shine our love across every soul we encounter. This dance of life is a gift. The ups. The downs. The spinning around. Let go and you will see a show in the most comfortable seat. A whole new perspective. We are finally living at peace. And that’s where I am and plan to be because I’m choosing this path daily. Are you? A little food for thought. Feed our souls with what we want to feel and be in our lives. Nothing more and nothing less. Watch and see what unfolds from that space. A life that holds you gently in its warm loving embrace. 🕊🧡✨

Love and Light to all !!

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1 commentaire

20 févr. 2021

Let it go, then you can grow, born enemy to me no more

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