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Find Your Grateful Heart ♥️

Why do humans take everything for granted?

I don’t believe this is our natural state of being. I believe we have been taught to live in survival mode. We have been taught that things don’t work out for our greater good. We have been taught that these beautiful things we dream of don’t exist and if they do we aren’t good enough to have them. We have let fear and doubt be the rulers of our lives.

What I wonder most is why? Are we so lost in negative thoughts that it’s drowning out all of the positive ones? Do we really all go home at night and believe this or are we still pondering that beautiful thing and person we’ve always dreamed of? If there is a glimmer of hope sitting in the middle of all your madness I challenge you to focus on that. To do your best to stay steady in hope. To stay steady in grateful thoughts and feelings. To stay steady in love for yourself and everyone around you. To let this steadiness lead your heart right back home.

Your heart didn’t come to this earth to live in despair. We came here to experience and share ourselves with one another. Humans are creatures of habit. Yet everything we do we judge ourselves for. We have a routine and then we say man our life is so mundane and boring. We live spontaneously and we say we need to buckle down and focus. We can never fully please ourselves it seems like.

We have all this temptation around us and feel that if we don’t taste each thing we’re missing out. Yet we try a few flavors and our tastebuds are still dissatisfied. We are continuously onto what’s next? We want more, more, more. We think that if we keep piling things on our plates we are more accomplished. We think that if we have multiple partners we are super cool. We think that the unknown is so revitalizing yet it could actually be the most debilitating experience of our lives. Everything is a risk I guess. We would rather obsess about what we don’t have than to be thankful for what we do. How sad is that? It’s even more upsetting as I write this right now because I know how often this is happening in the world.

We don’t wake up and appreciate the breath we just took. We don’t appreciate our bed, the roof over our head, the taste of a warm cup of coffee in the morning. We don’t appreciate the birds chirping, the sun beaming through the windows, and the fresh breeze hitting our face. We don’t look over at our partner and tell God how thankful we are to be looking at the same person everyday. Understanding that the same person you are choosing to spend forever with is changing everyday just like you are and there is always something to learn about each other. There is always room to grow. There is always a choice to keep the romance alive. Real Love never dies even with the wrinkles, silver hair, and worn down skin a person only gets more beautiful as time goes on from within.

We are caught up in this sick syndrome of I already got this now what else can I have instead of appreciating what we already do have. We overlook the moment we’re in because we’re worried about the future or stuck in the past. This kind of life is exhausting if you ask me. We must trust how we feel deep within our soul. We must trust that everything will work itself out. If it’s meant to be it will be. What I believe the most is your state of mind controls your way of life.

If we are coming from a survival state we will face a lot of unnecessary battles because we will self sabotage more than we even realize. When we are living from that state we are so blinded by our ego we can’t see what is right in front of us. We choose to blame everything outside of ourselves instead of facing ourselves in the mirror. We are the only ones that can change our circumstances.

I know this all may sound unrealistic but the truth is the way we think sets precedence for what type of life we will lead. Don’t get me wrong thinking positively and having gratitude will not make your life perfect. This will not change everything instantly and give you all your desires. What it will do is start to change your insides.

It will have you feeling more joy and compassion. It will have you recognizing the little things and being thankful for them. It will bring gratitude into every space of your life. It will show you the importance of your heart and that all that really matters is what you give to yourself and to others. Living a life of fulfillment means sharing with the people you love. It’s about connection and expansion within yourself and your relationships. It’s about peace and honoring what lights the fire within you. In the end it’s really about quality time with your loved ones.

What about money you ask? Yes I understand we need money to live. We need money to make the world go round. Money is really just a necessity to feel more security and stability. Yes we can buy ourselves lavish things because we earned them but that’s not going to make us feel complete. Don’t get these things twisted. Material wealth is an added bonus and it will come when we start to appreciate what truly matters in our hearts. When we decide that our inner work is the greatest work. Our inner work is the only thing that can bring us abundance in all facets of life.

So I challenge all of us to dig deep into the crevices of our beings and express how we truly feel. Everyone can show up on a surface level it’s when we dive deeper and allow our emotions to spill from our souls regardless of the outcome that brings us unbelievable transformation. When it feels true to our hearts why be afraid of that? The things that don’t align with us are because they weren’t meant to. No matter how bad we wanted a career, friendship, partnership, etc to work out some were only meant to touch our lives briefly.

What’s the saying...Let it go and if it comes back it was always yours. If it doesn’t it never was.

I wholeheartedly believe in this because we can’t hold on so tightly to things and people that don’t want to be held. It’s not our job to make others see how worthy they are. We can be there to support them but we can’t change anyone but ourselves. So if anything let’s learn from these chapters in our lives and let it be the guide to a better you. When we accept ourselves completely both the light and the dark we open the door to unlimited possibilities. We shine brighter than we could have ever imagined and instead of living in a continuous state of surviving we begin thriving.

So let’s take a slow steady breath and dive deeper than the sea. A journey we know in our hearts was meant to be. This is where the magic happens. Let it be. I’m so proud of all of you in advance and grateful that you are here with me. I’m just a vehicle of light hoping that my words guide you back to unconditional LOVE🙏🏽😌✨

Until next time,

Love and light to all! ✨

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Robin Lewis
Jan 14, 2021

Well said Mel. Making ourselves well and happy comes from within. Pain and suffering I believe are to learn from it to say or feel poor me. Put your best foot forward and don’t look back. Love ya.❤️😁🙏


Nov 23, 2020

Blessed, happy with the little joys of life, having had it all and loss it all truly know what a blessing it is to have happiness, love, family and friends. Simple life isn't that bad. Peace and thanks for your writing

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