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Our Souls Counterpart ♥️

Most of our lives are like the poem do you love me or do you love me not?

We’re always stuck in our unsettled thoughts .

We wonder will it be short and sweet or a steady trot.

The highs and lows.

We’re afraid to be vulnerable and let go.

To open our heart and let every detail of our being show.

The flaws, blemishes, and mistakes we’ve made.

The unfinished business that baffles our brains.

The broken pieces of our hearts that swirl through our veins.

Were afraid to open our eyes from our lonely dreams even though were fighting to escape while we’re sound asleep.

If only we knew what was on the other side of that dream.

We would take a leap and give our soul to another to keep.

We would align with a warm compassionate being.

One that will wrap us in love and accept us completely.

We’d build a love that’s all seeing, because that’s what love is unconditional and freeing.

A love that navigates us out of our fears.

A love that dries up all of our tears.

A love that last for all years.

A love that secures us with laughter and cheer.

A love that people want to bottle up and drink.

A love that makes no mistake.

A love that doesn’t question it’s place.

A love that wraps you like a blanket in it’s warm cozy embrace.

A love like a passionate slow dance, so connected, it doesn’t feel like a race.

A love that has faith at its forefront so you will never be replaced.

We’re all waiting for this to show up so we can feel our souls light up.

It’s our destiny and in God we trust.

So we let our walls down to build a solid foundation not a trap of lust.

We break open.

We let them see us for the person we are and the person we want to be.

We hold their hand.

We show them they are safe and they never have to leave.

We give them space by honoring their soul and sitting with them in peace.

Our silence makes more noise than music blasting in the streets.

Just their presence fills us with ease.

We’ve found our counterpart.

The one who makes us feel complete.

We can’t imagine life without them.

They are like a warm subtle breeze.

A fresh new perspective that we cant help but breathe.

They’ve showed us why we had to endure so much defeat.

Everything was leading us to believe.

Calculated, competitive, painful, and unsure.

The funny thing is now it’s all but a blur.

Because when we look into their eyes we know everything is sure.

They were the one we’ve been searching for.

Divine timing.

Patience. All the baggage has released and we are ready to receive.

Our soul has found its cure.

There’s a shift.

A new chapter.

A life of fulfillment that no one can disturb.

So now, “not” is just an unspoken word, because I love you is all that’s left to be heard.

Forever and always our hearts knew,

whatever the circumstance,

they kept their word and honored their truth.

Love and Light to all ♥️

I hope you all find the love of your life!

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1 Comment

Feb 27, 2021

Loved this writing, love to you, love to everything and everyone, peace, hugs and of course love.

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