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Are you listening?

Listen to the magic that resides in the souls of others.

Embrace the pain that they carry like art.

Listen to the song created by the beats of their heart.

Walk in the corners of their mind.

Undress the beauty they try to bury deep inside.

Strip them naked to remind them once again they never have to hide.


Listen because you care.

Listen because you still believe in the goodness of others.

Listen because your love can’t be contained.

Listen because you have hope that it will help their pain wither away.

Listen because you are a safe space.

Listen to make them feel like no matter what is going on they are always in first place.


Because listening costs you nothing.

Yes maybe your time but how much time do you spend on things less valuable than a human life.

Listen because it very well could be a matter of life and death.

Listen because it’s a beautiful sign of respect.

Listen to learn.

Listen because you haven’t walked in every shoe on this earth.

In the end people may not listen back but that shouldn’t make you follow that path.

You’re here to make a difference.

To be a difference.

In a world that feels very disconnected you’re here to remind us that there is room for resurrection.

If we dig deep we can restore how our hearts have been impacted.

We can surrender to every good and bad thing that happens.

If we listen we feel like we can count on one another.

That’s the kind of connection you are worthy of and fully honor.

Love and light ✨

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