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Moral of the story 📖

Some people like to play in the dark and it’s not our responsibility to bring them to the light.

We just have to keep showing up as the best human we can be. Our actions and words show others who we are. They go hand in hand. We all have a dark side it’s just a matter of which side we fuel more. 🌙

We don’t live once, we get a chance to live everyday so be grateful for each opportunity. We can die in an instant and guess what?? .... dying does happen once. We’re not invincible. It may seem morbid to some, but it’s the truth. Don’t let a tragedy be the reason you wake up. Wake yourself up now to humility, grace, and nobility. Let God fuel your higher intelligence. Open your heart to the endless possibilities surrounding us and go after what you want💛

My heart has always honored this life I’ve been given even when it’s brought me to my knees. I have undying faith and that’s been the foundation I’ve built my life upon.

I choose to leave a legacy of light because when dark clouds cover us we need slivers of light to give us hope. I choose to be that hope for people. I choose to show up and encourage in the best way I know how whether that’s a listening ear or some sound advice I’ll always be a pillar of stability in the lives of the people I love and hopefully the strangers that cross my path.

I know what darkness feels like and I’ve learned how to navigate its waters even when they are treacherous. The best thing we can do for this world is not outside ourselves it’s within. How are you showing up? Are you being kind? Are you being loving? Are you being compassionate? Are you being open? Are you being accepting?

Most importantly are you being YOURSELF?

Only you know the truth.

Keep doing your best no one is perfect but honoring our souls is well worth it. ✨

A little story for y’all I posted this on my Instagram and a woman that I dont know commented this: What if you’re being all of those things and getting the complete opposite in return? It’s hard to keep seeing those silver linings when all you keep getting is drowned in those waters you speak of.

I read it and thought to myself I get it. I understand completely and responded with:

It feels like you’re drowning. And most often in your own tears. It’s disappointing, hurtful, and well it feels like complete shit. Although when your heart can’t be anything else what choice do you have? To keep living and loving because it’s who you are or to react out of character and live in regret? Just because people keep hurting us doesn’t mean we should hurt people back. It takes strength and courage to keep pushing forward when your heart feels shattered to pieces. Trust me I know I’ve lived it. We’re always rebuilding that’s what life is about. It’s constant evolution yet rooted in a solid foundation. It’s not simple nor is it easy but being a good person is. I didn’t say perfection because we will trip and fall. We will get beat down and have to get back up but we are human. Life is full of ups and downs. How we handle it says a lot about who we are and what we want to be in this world. So please don’t ever stop being that way. You are worthy and we need Love like that. If no one reminded you how valuable you are today then you heard it from me... Thank you for being you! ♥️

Moral of the story: BE LOVE. OWN IT. HONOR IT! LIVE IT!

Love. And. Feelings. Are. Cool.

End of story.

We are all so valuable and I would love if you remember anything from these words it’s that.

I hope you never forget it .....

Love and light to all ✨

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Mar 01, 2021


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