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Let Your Soul Flow 🌊

When my soul flows at 5:22 am last night.

“Fuck what you heard, why you following the herd?

Immersed in division oo what a welcoming prison.

One of pain and isolation. One of structured separation.

The rage within us trying to suffocate any last breath we have to take.

Our soul knows it’s a mistake.

Our inside voice is screaming for acceptance in a world full of so much hate.

Continue embracing every color in this wheel of change. Storms are always brewing, but there’s a rainbow at the end of the day.

So let it rain, it’s cleansing the earth of all the pain.

There’s always chaos before the calm.

A deep cut before a cure can be made.

Everyone has an opinion but a choice within you has to be made.

Will you sit in silence?

Will you use your voice to explain?

We’re not here to destroy each other.

We’re not here to separate.

Center into your being and let your heart lead the way.

When we ground our emotions we open ourselves to a healing space.

We listen with love and trust our intuitive feelings.

Although our flesh is of a different shade we all bleed the same.

We’re all Gods children playing in the same game.

So I ask you this question?

Will you follow the herd of hate or jump into the light lane?

Where we uplift each other gently and embrace each others pain.

One of inclusion and acceptance. If it was up to our hearts were all one and the same.”

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1 Comment

Jan 29, 2021

Love it, giving me grace.....peace. love.hugs.prayers your way

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