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Your destiny arrives in your greatest defeats. ✨

Updated: Dec 5, 2020

The feeling of defeat will be a defining moment of your character. How will you react in this state of mind? Will you long for revenge or be open to forgive? Will you wallow in your sorrow or sit with it for a while and learn from the lesson it’s presented? Will you truly let go of the stronghold this burden has on your well being?

When you feel defeated it’s a pivotal moment in your lifetime. You are tired and drained. You gave your all to someone or something and it didn’t work out. Your mind starts darting in every direction trying to form some sort of solution to make you feel better. Nothing seems to be working. You have glimpses of hope that help you for a few moments and then it’s back to dragging ass. It feels like you’re carrying the weight of the world and you’re only one person. You long for the day you escape this daunting energy. You wonder when the feeling of entrapment will subside. This empty pit that has you feeling like you might stay stuck forever and then boom in the knick of time clarity arrives.

You start to realize why you had to endure this pain. Why this pain showed up in the first place and stayed for most times longer than you cared for. This pain became a huge part of your purpose. It became a part of your story. It transmuted what was no longer necessary to carry within you and allowed you to uncover your true essence. It rewrote your journey even though it was already written you were just too distracted to see it.

We feel the deep inner knowing of the next steps within us we just don’t always see them coming. We’re too distracted by our rambling thoughts that we cloud our vision. We’re so blinded we can’t see the cup of abundance that’s trying to show up in our life. We hold on so tightly to what’s half empty instead of opening our eyes to what’s half full right in front of our face. If you’re going to be blind let it be blind faith that what you deserve is already here.

Don’t let disappointments deter you from your true calling. Defeat is really the path to destiny. When we lose we really win because whatever it was wasn’t meant for us forever it was just for that moment in time. Give thanks to the things and people that float in and out of your life they taught you brutal yet beautiful lessons. They were a blessing in disguise. Cherish the things and people that stay by your side forever because the world is always changing. Those relationships are your gifts. This is your soul tribe. These are our angels on earth and we are lucky to have them by our sides.

We are all evolving and maturing as we grow. Everyone is in different stages. There is no manual to direct us through each phase. We will never have all of the answers but that’s the beauty of learning. We must continue to gain knowledge and wisdom. Yet most importantly we must apply it to our daily lives. Like a seed if we continue to water who we are we will bloom effervescently. We don’t have to search outside ourselves for validation. We don’t have to succumb to what society asks us to be. We just have to trust that our grass is already the greenest because we tend to our garden everyday.

Do the inner work it’s the greatest work of our lives. We exude the utmost power when we show up for ourselves. Spend time with yourself. There is no quality time more profound and enlightening than the time you have spent to get to know who you truly are. It’s pretty cool to dissect what’s in that transcendental head and heart of yours. It’s even cooler when they are both aligned. You are a being of light and dark sit with both sides of yourself. When you find balance within that chaotic space it brings peace to your soul.

There is nothing more beautiful than inner beauty, more illuminating than a heart of gold, and more alluring than a love that stands the test of time. These are all deeply ingrained within us but it’s up to us to find the keys to unlock them.

Until next time,

Sending so much Love and Light to all 💫

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1 Comment

Dec 01, 2020

Grateful, once again your writing is so relatable to my life, i can't express like you do but it's a great lesson to learn. Thanks for your generosity in this moment of time. Thru the true unbearable pain comes my greatest grow, sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly, peace 2 you❣

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