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Let your soul speak🗣

Innocence a purely admirable way of life yet every turn takes more and more away from us. If only our eyes shone wide and bright with curiosity for all time. If we viewed the world as a child does in truth and light. If we only felt love unconditionally how different would this world be?

Our souls caught in the crossfire of desperation and confinement. One side of us is peaceful, childlike, loving, and open. The other side beaten, mistreated, fear stricken, and torn apart. You see there is always light and dark. How do we choose to face them both is the question? Do we realize that we must face the agony burning within us because it’s trying to make a home there and it will make do if we allow it. Do we accept that what we dream of doesn’t exist because it’s yet to be seen? Do we listen to family, friends, and even strangers when they tell us what we desire isn’t realistic. That we are naive and must understand we’re running out of time. If it hasn’t come to fruition now will it ever?

How sad is it that when we are young we are forced to grow up so quickly before we’ve barely even started growing. We want what’s next before the present moment has even had a chance to exist. We are told you must work work work to get anywhere in life. Work on what exactly? I personally always seem to find my mind wandering when I hear this. The world so materially bound. Hard work pays off they say! Pays off how though? Yes it pays the bills which is quite a nice benefit if you ask me. It fills our bank account but does it fill our personal tank? That’s something I can’t place my finger on just yet. Is it a nice feeling because it’s what we’ve been taught. Is it nice because we know we can’t have and do all of these things without it? Is it nice because it makes others view us a certain way. Are we respected for what we have or for our pure integrity?

Why is it that we can acquire so many things in our lives yet feel so empty and alone. I’ve questioned these things for so long. I’ve learned to appreciate my relationship with the material world and become friends with it. That’s the only way I can honor it’s part in my life but that’s just it, it’s just a part of my life not the whole puzzle.

What do you do for a living is one of if not the first question people ask. Your identity is usually tied to your work. It’s tied into what people use to form an opinion of your worth. We use it as a pedestal to make us feel powerful. When people ask what is your value? What do you bring to the table? It’s usually your job and the amount of money you have that you use to show them how important you are.

I find myself chuckling inside when I see this happening sometimes because it’s such a sad way to place value on someone. Other days I just stop in my tracks and wonder how we all started believing this nonsense. How we learned that what we have makes us relevant. Why weren’t we taught that vulnerability and honoring your heart makes you valuable. That showing up and being empathetic makes you meaningful. That expressing your soul and not always understanding who you are and what you want is an okay place to be.

Value is so much more than what a person does, where they live, and what they can give you materially. Why not ask them who are you in this moment? Who do you want to be tomorrow and the next day? If they don’t know because most of us don’t were just vocalizing what we think others want to hear, look at them with a smile and say that it’s okay we can figure this out together.

Sometimes that’s all it takes to ignite someone’s soul. To brighten someone’s day. To lift someone out of the darkness. Together is a word so easily forgotten on this earth. Together can create life changing milestones. It can open a whole new world to the ones choosing to navigate with one another instead of doing it all alone. On the flip side together can make you feel you’re not strong enough. You’re not powerful enough. You’re weak you needed help. You needed someone by your side because you can’t do it all alone.

All those inside and outside voices telling you everything negative about togetherness when togetherness is the greatest bond we can share. It’s not very often you find this type of melding together within souls but it does happen and who is to say it won’t happen to you. Continue to have faith in yourself and the life you lead. Let your character and energy speak...God will do the rest. And just a little reminder the greatest work you can do in life is not materially it’s soulfully. That work will be what transforms the world we live in. Together we can evolve in the greatest gift we have been given... LOVE!

Until next time,

Sending Love and light to all. ✨🙏🏽

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