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Connection is True Wealth 💫

Unlearning is just as important as learning.

It’s okay to feel stuck. To not understand exactly where you’re going or even to be afraid because you do know. Sometimes our greatest blessings are the things that scare the hell out of us. They make us question everything. They have us scrambling for answers when in reality we know we just don’t feel like we deserve it. We’re afraid of our power. We’re afraid to be happy. We’re afraid to experience “too good to be true”.

We wonder how we got so lucky to have all of this abundance pouring into our lives. We also feel some sort of guilt inside of us because others are experiencing bad times around us so we shy away from expressing our excitement, happiness, and fulfillment. Which in turn will bring more negativity to ourselves. Everything is energy and if you believe you aren’t worthy you will keep facing opposition until you finally stand up for yourself.

If we take one thing away from these words today I hope it’s that we don’t let others deter us from true happiness and peace. When people truly love you they will be happy for you even while they are standing in a pile of shit. That love is what we are all longing for. People who wrap their arms around us in turmoil and triumph. People we don’t have to second guess. People who aren’t afraid to express their heart to us because the thought of living life without us overtakes the fear of heartbreak.

For example we will come across people that are more loyal to the person writing their paycheck than they are to the people they say they love. I’m not saying don’t go after a paycheck I’m only asking you to question at what extent? What are you willing to do to succeed? Is wealth the core of what you value? Well if it is then listen clearly to your lessons and they will lead you to what true wealth is. When you align your heart to your path watch abundance pour in from every angle. When you water your own grass instead of sprinkling a little on different lawns trying to test which ones the greenest you’ll realize you’ve had it all along. How ironic the richness was already in your hands and you were letting it slip right through your fingers.

It’s okay you’re aware of it now. It’s never to late to be exactly who you are. To remove the masks and stand for what you truly believe in not what we were conditioned to. Don’t apologize for stepping into your power. For accepting your magic. God wants you to understand how valuable you are so you can help others find their own value as well. When we extend our hands to each other we exude our true essence. True wealth comes from the priceless connections we have with others.

When we let those relationships be the pillar in our lives everything else seems to fall effortlessly into place. It’s a choice we have to make everyday and having harmony will take honest communication and vulnerability. It will take patience, empathy, passion, open minds and understanding. It will take a foundation that can’t be broken and the only person that holds that responsibility is you. You have to take accountability for your actions. We can’t control anyone else. So just be the best human you can be and continue to pour into others yet also choose wisely who you allow into your space. The people we surround ourselves with the most have a major Impact on our well being. Let’s make a pact to unleash our truths by unlearning everything we have been taught and diving into what really rings true to our souls. We were put on this earth to share with each other and Dance throughout life knowing we all come from the greatest gift given..... Unconditional Love 💫🙏🏽

Until next time,

Love and light always ♥️

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