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My leader ❤️

Be still my heart for you have carried me through troubled waters.

You have touched my soul in utter chaos and cold.

You have walked me through toxic flames, when love felt like a drug you shed light on the darkest days.

I will always listen you share the best medicine.

You have showed me the meaning of agape love and utter discipline.

Even when I’ve been drug through the mud you’ve been there to pick me up.

You’re bigger than the ocean and deeper than the sea.

You have so much love to give at times it feels like it’s beyond me.

It swirls through my veins and seeps through my pores.

A heart of gold although you’re greater than a metaphor.

You exude acceptance, passion, and grace.

You can feel someone’s depth by a simple look on their face.

You cuddle their thoughts with your warm embrace.

You trace every intricate detail at your very own pace.

You don’t rush yet you don’t wait.

You honor every being with light and steady praise.

You are resilient, courageous, and brave.

I am so grateful that I was chosen to carry you within me each day.

Thank you for trusting me, protecting me, and always leading the way.

I’ll never take you for granted you’re my everything ❤️

Love and light to all 💫

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