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Don’t give up Blessings are coming 💫

It’s always important to show up as we are, not with a coat of sugar or extra spice.

To not be afraid to tell people what we want.

To not be afraid to let them know how we should be treated.

To not be afraid to express all of our feelings.

To not shy away from what we know we are worth because we are afraid it will never show up.

To not dilute our desires because we are trying to ignite someone else’s fire.

We must love ourselves enough to set boundaries and not feel guilty for doing so.

If people get upset with us for doing that it says more about them not who we are.

People don’t like change especially when it doesn’t suit their benefits but we must do what is best for our well-being.

Our time is valuable.

That doesn’t mean we close off it just means we feel every situation out and then decide what it is.

We never know unless we try but we also don’t force things because we are impatient.

We must stay true to ourselves and not try to stop growing in order to save relationships.

Our self worth is not tied to pleasing others.

We will grow with the ones we are meant to be with.

We get to decide how we use our energy and who has access to us.

We must align with people who respect our values.

It’s that simple and if they make it seem like our standards are too high tell them to find a ladder or simply lead them to the door with a loving goodbye.

Whatever we do it’s important not to deny our truth.

When we’re honest we have nothing to lose.

A path of integrity we choose.

When we speak our truth it will cause frustration, pain, and sometimes we will be utterly confused.

Closed doors, broken relationships, dead end jobs and friendships will happen too.

It can seem like a loss yet it’s really a gift.

The truth strikes a nerve in people that are used to living a lie and trust me our truth is something they can never deny.

So they will test you, taunt you, and try to suck you dry.

Keep the faith, the truth is always better than a lie.

God is making room for the new I know it’s hard to trust in his time.

In the end the only people we will scare off are the ones that weren’t meant for us.

Always remember the greatest opportunities come when we are about to give up. 💫

Love and Light to all 🤍

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1 Comment

Feb 17, 2021

Prayers, peace, hugs and love, shine on

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