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Love is the answer ❤️‍🔥

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

If we could choose time, money, or love what would it be?

The gift of love is all anyone really wants to conceive.

To embody it, embrace it, caress it, and cater to it.

To expand it, fuck it, and make love to the love in it.

It’s something that money and time could never offer because what is money and time without love as the author?

We view love so simply, yet as simple as it is, the complexity interwoven through the simplicity is quite an epiphany of affinity.

It unlocks the soul and unravels divinity.

What’s simple is knowing if loves presence can’t fill you then all the time and money in the world won’t ever fulfill you.

Sharing your light is an honor but sharing your love is the end to divide and conquer. ✨🤍

Love is the answer ❤️

Love and Light My friends!

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