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Let the Deaths be the Fuel for being Alive ✨

There is one thing we know for sure in this world and that is at some point we’re all going to die.

We can’t beat it, cheat it, or run away from it. It will eventually catch up to us.

Are your days filled with worry on the waitlist to death?

Does fear outweigh your faith?

Do you do your best to take on each day with joy and no regrets?

I’m sure each moment feels different as you navigate the flows of life.

The one question we have the answer to swirls the veins of all people instilling fear in ones simple demeanor.

Death occurs in many forms throughout our lifetime. Think about how many relationships and careers end. Think about moving to a new home, state, or country. Think about something as beautiful yet complex as creating children. All of these things and more cause some sort of death within us.

How we choose to be reborn is what decides the trajectory of our next chapters. That’s all life is, a series of chapters compiling to create our own personal storybook. We all have a unique story filled with lots of twists and turns. Every intricate detail is important yet very different from the next person. The people that are involved in our stories have a whole different set of ideas, captures, thoughts, and emotions they could add to our book. They might see a whole chapter completely different from us but we were hand in hand the entire time. That’s the complex nature of human beings. We’re all one in the same yet have very different sets of characteristics. It’s what makes the world unique and fascinating. There will always be two sides to every story because no two people are the same. Each person can see the same side but the nuances of the whole picture will be different through the eyes of each individual.

So death really isn’t something to fear. It happens multiple times throughout our lives yet we are still here to choose the direction and be the best person we can be. Death gives us a chance for renewal. The fact is the final form of death is bound to come. Is it today or tomorrow we’ll never know. Take that off the table it’s a guarantee and let each moment be. Some days won’t feel great and others we’ll be on cloud nine. This is the game of life. What are you going to do with it?

Whatever you choose is yours. Every person will have an opinion but it’s you that lives with your choices. Do what makes you feel joy. Everything won’t go our way and that would be boring anyway. The quality of our lives is determined by the quality of our relationships. Our relationship with self and everyone else. When we are dancing in sync with our partners in life we really begin to enjoy the ride. It’s family, spouses, and friends that bring joy to our time. Nothing in this world is worse than being dead while we’re still alive.

So let’s do our best to focus on forgiving and mending. Letting go of the deaths that have occurred while we’re alive and learning that we’re not dead those were opportunities to take a deep dive. We’re not here to survive. We’re here to feel, love, express, create, evolve, expand, and ultimately thrive. Every moment here is a chance to feel alive and when we really leave this earth hopefully we leave a legacy for the ones we loved. We touched their lives and our hearts will forever be intertwined to their souls and the generations behind. Our love continues to pass on throughout all time even when we share it with one soul it will multiply. It’s the one thing that recycles and never ends. Love pierces the body even when it doesn’t seem like it. It instills faith and hope in the darkest places with just a sliver of light it transforms the worlds many faces. There’s no way to fake love even with multiple masks it will always be exploited. So, let the deaths of life be filled with love and your last breath be taken alongside the ones you love.

Trust The Process ♻️ ❤️ Love & Light to all ✨

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