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Comfort is your zone and it’s slowly killing you.

Heavy and dark but you still carry a lantern.

A glimmer of light is all you need to find the answer.

A piece of peace to lead you to release.

Let the suffocation open you to surrender.

Breathe baby Breathe.

Time is an illusion.

The world is a delusion.

Inject each other with love.

Don’t make this life so confusing.

Give a band aid of hope.

Kiss it to make it better.

Play like the little kid that lives within you.

No inhibitions and filled with pleasure.

Don’t lock him/her away for another day.

Why do we allow the opinions of others to put us on a bender?

To live in despair would be a complete waste.

The gift of joy is within reach working double time to replace.

A new route is yours for the taking.

What’s it going to take for you to allow this awakening?

For you to see that your dreams are already in the making!

For you to step forward into something better instead of tiptoeing back to what’s comfortably clever.

Comfort is your zone and it’s slowly killing you.

You weren’t made for mediocrity so dance into your destiny.

Sometimes we have to review the past to make our next move our best move.

It’s just a review, not a reconciliation.

The past has taken up enough of your life’s cycles.

You’ve healed to this level.

So don’t doubt yourself now that you’ve up leveled.

Let this journey begin.

And most importantly remember you are worthy of it all and there is no settling again my friend.

Love & Light to all 🙏🏽

God Bless You

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