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To be Crushed is to Readjust.

Updated: Jun 15, 2022

It’s the things that crush us that are a catalyst for us to soar.

Sometimes our lives can be a contradiction to our faith.

Yet we don’t give up because it’s our faith that’s way ahead of the game.

We see the promises even when we’re caught up in a malleable process.

We are hammered indelibly out of shape without shattering or cracking.

That’s the beauty of Gods grace.

To shape us while we sit in an uncomfortable space.

To let silence open our ears to what God wants us to erase.

Opening our hearts to let go of past mistakes.

Embracing the cold that has pierced our souls.

Unraveling the false narratives that disrupt the true story thats been waiting to be told.

Faith fills all the empty holes.

Hope shatters the earthly molds.

Love heals the deepest wounds and even from an empty Tomb Jesus showed us this proof.

He was crushed, persecuted, and died.

Yet he also rose again to reveal all the lies.

What a warrior who battled time after time.

So, when you’re feeling crushed I hope you remember this scripture “ the testing of your faith produces perseverance.”

You’re a masterpiece created by the highest.

Yet you are also an artist.

There is no one else like you.

So keep on painting the canvas is patiently waiting for you.

Bask in his glory as God reveals the full picture of nothing but the truth. ✨

Live & Love in Truth My friends ♥️

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