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The Playbook of Love 💕

I love being surrounded by God’s beautiful creations. We may have different body shapes, skin tones, religions, and even speak different languages yet we are all uniquely designed human beings. Love has no culture. Love breaks all barriers and creates no boundaries. Love is pure and sincere. It’s the wind in your hair. The gleam in your eyes. The trees swaying in the breeze. The low and high tides. The sunshine. The feeling of pure bliss that takes over your entire being. It’s the simple things that you pass by everyday. Its the taste of a warm cup of coffee. Its the puppy you walk by on the sidewalk that has no idea who you are but is so happy to see you. Simply put its connection. It’s honoring every space. Humans get so wrapped up in the exterior and forget what matters most is the interior. When we dive deep within we create more depth for our eyes to see. ✨

How boring would it be if we all looked the same? Love one another... we will never walk in the shoes of another person but what we can do is show up. We can listen. We never know how much our love, our kind gestures, our sweet messages, our phone calls, and even just our mere presence makes an impact on how someone else feels. Let our actions and thoughts lead us to more compassion and understanding. ✨

Let it open our eyes to different perspectives. Let love guide us to create our own playbooks instead of just absorbing what we have been taught. This world is forever changing and it’s our responsibility to shed light on what means the most to our hearts. We can only control ourselves. Lives can change and unfortunately end from a single moment. So we cant take a second for granted. Something as simple as a smile can uplift a stranger. Its our effort that matters the most. No matter how we were raised or where we come from it’s our choice to choose LOVE... and to me it’s the only way to BE. God is within us and all around us. Imagine if we let Gods light shine through us and painted this world with nothing but pure love! Honor it , live it , be it. Ooo how extraordinary and different our lives would be.

Sending you all love and light ✨

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2 kommentarer

Mychal Fox
Mychal Fox
10 mars 2021



Robin Lewis
05 mars 2021

Well said my dear.😁❤️

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