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Living a Lie is Far Greater Punishment than Living the Truth.

It’s time to tell the truth. Your truth is not the truth for anyone else. We are dreamers by nature. We all have little fantasies we have created in our minds and no one can ever really know exactly who we are or how we think.

We are constantly changing and shifting our perspective. We are multifaceted beings. We will never truly grasp what is in someone else’s mind but it’s important to respect their journey. Its important to be a listening ear and a shoulder to lean on. It’s important to have a heart that values people. We have all these relationships with different people and no two people will ever be the same. This is the beauty in life and love. Our differences are divine yet we’re all one and the same.

When we see someone the initial attraction is what exists. It’s extremely important but take note because outer beauty fades. When we connect with someone let’s be honest with our intentions. Let’s lay our cards out on the table. What’s the point in hiding anything we aren’t playing a game or are we? Only you can answer where you stand with that question. The only person you’re hiding from is yourself so be aware of the walls you’ve created from pain. We can only control what’s in our control and that’s how we show up ourselves. Let’s be honest with others but more importantly let’s be honest with ourselves. If we’re lying about who we are and what we want to ourselves we wont be true to others. We will eventually believe the lies we say and become a person we don’t even recognize. I’ve always believed that living a lie is far greater punishment than living the truth.

As we age and our earthly suits begin to deteriorate it puts so many things into perspective. Yet it shouldn’t take age to set the tone for our life. If we choose to dig deep we will find the wisdom we’ve been searching for in this very moment. We will face our reflection and not shy away from whatever comes to the surface. The time is now not when we’re 50, 60, 70, or 80. All we have is this moment we aren’t guaranteed to live past that. We can make the choice to be the person we've always dreamed of right now. The relationships we choose are a huge sign of who we are and what we want to become. They reveal more about us than we even comprehend at times. They are our greatest teachers. Listen and learn. Let go or hold on but just remember who we choose to be by our side determines the rest of our lives. Be wise with choice but also don’t close off and tell yourself I’ll be this when I have that. Self sabotage is a sickness don’t stay stuck in that disease. Open your heart and trust your truth. You deserve to be the man/woman of your dreams and in being that you’ll attract the souls that are meant to be.

Our life determines the value of our choices and the magnitude of love within them. When we love on a soul level it is felt deeply and stands the test of time. Let’s place our energy into the relationships we don’t question. The ones that we feel so intertwined with its beyond explanation. There is just a knowing thats deeply felt within us. The way we feel this knowing is by knowing that we are that person ourself. I am the love of my life. I respect myself. I honor myself. I choose myself and whoever gets the chance to be in my embrace is a lucky person as am I.

From my heart to yours please don’t ever give up on yourself. Don’t give up on love. Continue to cherish the dreams of your past, present, and future. Flow with the way they change through out time. Love on the people who stay with you through it all and appreciate the ones who just stopped by briefly on your journey. Both are important catalysts for growth. We thrive with connection and it would be a lonely & dark world without it. So hold your loved ones tightly. Don’t be afraid to say I love you. Dont be afraid to show them you care. Don’t be afraid to smother them in kisses. Dont be afraid to share your soul. When we are faced with the tribe that was meant for us all that fear will subside and we will realize it was only a matter of time. Divinely guided yet our free choices will decide the flow of our ride.

🤍🕊 love and light to all ✨

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1 Comment

Tomasz Kawecki
Apr 01, 2021

„I am the love of my life”... yes, this is step nr 1. So true and so beautifulllll...

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