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Doing it all may be doing nothing at all.

Fomo doesn’t exist.

Fear manipulates your mind to make you feel unhinged.

If I don’t go I’ll miss out.

If I don’t go I’ll be insignificant.

If I don’t go I’ll forever be indignant.

A lot of If I’s and dont’s.

That’s too much negativity to prosper & grow.

Your mind is the most powerful tool.

Whatever you feed will ultimately rule.

Be careful with your thoughts.

You don’t have to stay inside.

Just don’t let the outside torment the inside.

You never miss out.

When you trust God every opportunity can be found.

It will come around again and again.

In every way, shape, or form.

If you would open your eyes it’d poke you like a thorn.

Right in front of you it sits.

Silence the critic.

There will always be that still small voice saying you must do it all.

But what is all?

Doing it all may be doing nothing at all.

People fear the quiet.

Yet the ones that are comfortable in silence are the ones that reach the highest. ✨

Love and light my friends 💛🥰

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