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Blind Trust, The Risks, and the Wait. 🙏🏽

Updated: Nov 9, 2021

Create waves but never waver. You’ll be tested and triggered.

No matter what you do you can’t control others behaviors.

Be undeniable in your truth.

People can debate but it’s hard to deny what’s true.

Some won’t accept an exception.

Let your character speak volumes.

It’s not about perfection it’s about vulnerability in your flaws of deception.

It’s about answering your call.

The line will become disconnected to some but most definitely not all.

It will stay in touch with other worlds if you choose to get up each time you trip and fall.

The truth marks you.

Nothing drives you to disloyalty because you’re made of loyalty.

Stepping out means stepping off the edge of understanding and directly onto an empty landing.

One filled with pain, remorse, abandonment, loneliness, and heartache.

When you know God specifically placed you here to drive out hate.

His light seeps through you.

Honoring every soul that passes by you.

You see the beauty in the art.

You see the lines drawn outside the dark.

You see the colors of the world.

You bask in the odd uniqueness of every boy and girl.

You’ll find light when the enemy tries to break you.

Your soul is determined to be still and graceful.

To surrender to the peace God gave you, and share it with other souls even the ones who misrepresented, mistook, or worse tried to break you.

Bubble wrapped in Gods protection.

Keep looking up and let the lord divinely guide your redirection.

Every twist and turn is meant to save this nation.

You’re only a piece to the puzzle but your soul is irreplaceable.

Let it shine across this universe and do what you can to create heaven on earth.

Then one day when you step into Gods pearly gates, you’ll understand there is no wasted wait, and just how much your time & presence were actually worthy of the risks you were willing to take.

Love & Light to all 🤍✨

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