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Your normal is someone else’s weird.

You were there through the start of your story & you’ll be there until the end.

Nobody else has walked in your shoes.

You haven’t walked in theirs either, but maybe try them on if they ask you to.

Your normal is someone else’s weird.

No matter how hard you try you can’t please everybody.

Are you going to abort your calling based on someone else’s opinion?

Yes, the opinion might hurt your feelings.

Pain isn’t prejudice.

It lives in all of us.

Just be careful not to get so comfortable that it becomes your permanent address.

You’ll block your own blessings and blame it on God.

It takes refinement and realignment to dismantle a facade.

You’ve gotten so accustomed facing the same man/woman in the mirror.

It’s easier to stay the same than to call in the change.

A death and rebirth.

Let this conception delight you.

Plant the seed so the growth can begin, water it daily, and make it your friend.

Let your pain be a teacher to help others mend.

And don’t ever stop being a student no matter how high you ascend.

Love and light my friends 🕊✨

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