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Fucked up we say.

We’re all a little fucked up.

I’d love to say that we’re not but I keep it real it’s just a part of the plot.

The story is still being written as long as were breathing,

yet even when we die a part of our stories live in the ones we leave behind.

So what are you writing and who are you with?

People tell us to hold the pen steady,

hell with it I say scribble a bit.

It’s not a perfect story but tell me what story is?

Just keep doing your best no matter how fucked up it gets.

It will be the fucked up parts of you that people won’t forget. 

Neither will you,

they are a part of the puzzle that created your truth.

Every piece matters or it's just a fable.

So stay fucked up my friends.

Fucked up is just another label.

Don't be afraid to sit alone at every table.

Being alone is better than feeling lonely & unstable.

You are but a mystery and it's quite satiable.

Lastly, I'll leave you with an encouraging thought:

It's the "weird" ones who never stop believing in themselves that win in the end, and ignite a love that makes them feel unbreakable. ✨🫶🏽

Love & light to all.

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