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What is your value?

Deep within the corners of your mind what is haunting you? When you brush away the cobwebs what is revealed? Do you believe in yourself? Do you believe that no matter what you face you will prevail? Do you find yourself stuck in a hamster wheel? Do you find that it’s hard for you to attract abundance? Do you search for where you feel unworthy or do you just go through the motions?

Nothing will change in your life until you do. You can’t keep blaming everyone and everything outside of yourself. It’s not someone else’s fault for your circumstances. You choose what environment you want to be in. You choose the people you surround yourself with. When you continuously make excuses for people and why you’re at a certain place in your life you’re going to stay right there.

You know why? Because you don’t really believe you can have something better. You may want a more solid foundation but what are you actually doing to get it? The only thing you can change is yourself. Stop allowing toxic relationships and environments be the center of your life and watch magic unfold. It will not be an easy transition and no matter how big of a heart you have that heart better take care of yourself first.

If you’re being drained and depleted by anything outside of yourself you must choose to walk away from it. Complaining about it won’t change it. It’s hard to let people and things go because it’s comfortable for us. This is what we’ve always known even if it’s exhausting it’s familiar. If you’re feeling deep within your soul that you deserve something more fulfilling I dare you to take a risk. I dare you to choose yourself. I dare you to take another path and see how it unfolds. I dare you to love yourself. I dare you to see your worth and accept nothing less than what you deserve.

Everything you dream of is at your fingertips if you believe it. Believe in yourself and all of your dreams will be received. I don’t care how out of reach it feels abundance is waiting for you. It’s right in front of your face you just have to open your heart to see it. The way you uplift other people start doing that to yourself everyday. Those pep talks that people come to you for start giving them to yourself. Start cutting off anything that doesn’t fulfill you.

Like I said It will be really hard at first but everyday it gets easier. You’re shedding a life that no longer serves your well being. The more you stand your ground and declare your worth the faster it will all come to fruition. You have to really believe in yourself I can’t do it for you. No one can. All of those beautiful beliefs you have tucked deep in the crevices of your being are yours for the taking. So it’s time to go get what is yours. No apologies. No excuses. You deserve every bit of it and I’m so proud of you for finally realizing that you do!

Exercise: Write down what you deserve and claim it like it’s already yours. Write yourself little post it note reminders of how wonderful you are and hang them in places to give you a little inspiration.

Until next time,

Sending you all love and light!

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1 Comment

Nov 01, 2020

Love and light right back at you, peace, love and hugs...and of course a big old smile

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