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Waiting ⏱

Waiting... oh, how we wait.

We stare off into space.

We pace back and forth wondering what’s to come of this place.

As each day passes by we ponder our lives.

Are we doing what’s right?

Are we doing as we’re told?

Are we honoring the lord or have we just become another earthly mold?

Fake it to make it as we hurry up and wait.

Do we honor what we value or even care to contemplate?

Do we blindly trust what we’re taught or do we dig deeper for the truth?

And is the truth the same for me as it is for you?

We is who we are as a whole yet you aren’t me and I’m not you.

Although two halves make a whole as long as they match each other’s tune.

A beautiful melody yet the harmony connects the muse.

Waiting...oh, shes waiting to be the one you choose.

An earth angel of light and love that is spiritually infused.

She feels her destiny yet her mind enjoys keeping her confused.

The one who waits patiently for your timing , and knows deep down it’s being divinely guided.

We will always be greater than me.

She feels that deep within her being.

Together hand in hand we stand in a world full of racing, as if we’re in a time warp delicately waiting.

All it takes is one flick, and the light gleams from my soul, as I stand in the midst of a new chapter to be told.

Here I am waiting but in just one moment everything’s changing.

It takes a team to make the shift.

Trust the process as you align with your click.

Sit back and breathe deeply.

Listen intently.

I hear that still small voice immensely....

“When We becomes Me and Me becomes We, you’ll no longer be waiting you’ll be living in peace.

Love & Light My friends.... 🤍

you’re all amazing beings 🎶

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Sean Breeden
Sean Breeden
May 20, 2022

I was just praying for you, Melody, & I got an image of a bunch of puzzle pieces in a pile. You were looking at them feeling discouraged, not seeing how all the different colors & shapes could possibly fit together. Then pieces began to smoothly & naturally come together to reveal a beautiful painting of a sunset. I feel like God is saying that you have so many gifts & talents & struggles & life experiences & inspirations. It’s not always clear how they overlap or what God wants to do with them all. But in time you will see that, like the puzzle, everything will come together & none of your experiences or gifts will be wasted. They…

Sean Breeden
Sean Breeden
May 20, 2022
Replying to

I’m always looking to practice the gift of prophecy, so if you EVER need prayer for anything or help discerning something, reach out any time :). You are such an inspiration to me & so many, so it would be an honor to provide any support & encouragement you need on your journey to help keep your light shining bright!! :)


Sean Breeden
Sean Breeden
May 20, 2022

The challenge of life is living joyfully between the excitement of what ‘could be’ but remains in the ‘not yet’. I have felt a deep stirring from the Lord that I’m called to greater leadership, to speaking out truth with great clarity, to be a light in the darkness. But I see only shadows of what God wants me to do concretely. So I sit peacefully in the waiting. But, “those who wait on the Lord will renew their strength. They will mount up on wings like eagles. They will run & not grow weary. They will walk & not faint.” (Isaiah 40:31). Melody, may God give you the grace to wait well, & to have intense joy on the…

Melody Kandil
Melody Kandil
May 20, 2022
Replying to

Thank you so much Sean! I appreciate you sharing your thoughts and I know God is proud of you/your journey. Amen to Grace and waiting well... I am doing my best and trusting God through the process. 🙏🏽 Glory to the highest in the trials and tribulations. We are blessed. Sending lots of love and light your way. Can’t wait to see how the lord uses your leadership skills!!!

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