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True Love is worth the wait ❤️

We want to know what love is.

We want to feel it penetrate our entire being.

To love oneself is magical but to love another with every ounce of our being that’s what life is all about.

To share your soul intertwined with another.

Two stories connecting to broaden our perspectives and enlighten the collective.

Two minds, two bodies, two hearts, two tales begin a delicate dance to utter romance.

To love is a choice yet being in love overtakes us completely .

We can’t fake it.

We can’t hide it.

We can’t run from it.

It’s just there rooted in our heart’s asking us to take the leap.

Like the sun glistening on the top of a lake,

or the pure white snow cuddling the mountaintop,

or flowers blooming on a warm spring day the effervescent images love brings to our lives carries so much weight.

You are love.

I am love.

We are the greatest love together.

Our souls counterpart is the ultimate treasure.

To build a legacy with a loving family and conquer every day together.

We grow alone yet we prosper with our forever.

When two become one that’s Gods plan for purpose and pleasure.

To unite, procreate, expand and evolve.

I hope we never lose sight of this journey through the heartbreak all the way to the fall.

True Love is worth the wait and we were meant to have it all.

Love & light to all ✨

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