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Trials test your faith ✨

Trials aren’t done at you they are done for you.

If you were 6 feet under then you wouldn’t have any problems to solve, so be thankful you’re still alive to uncover it all.

You have the wisdom to find the answers you just need to unplug from certain outlets to hear the divine advancers.

Trust the process you might just be at the end of this climb but there will always be a next one waiting in line.

That’s life you heal, evolve, and grow only to heal, evolve, and grow again.

Same process, same arena

or different process, different arena

or same process, different arena

or different process, same arena.

The combination is endless but your faith makes you relentless.

It’s you who carry’s the keys to the ignition.

Are you going to drive or park?

The suns coming out even if you’re sitting in the dark.

Sometimes that sit is necessary to reignite your spark.

Sleeping on yourself isn’t just a silly remark.

Your confidence is your key to make your mark.

Unlock another door to discover your art.

Go ahead my friend it’s time to paint this world with your heart. 🎨

love & light to all ✨

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