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There’s always room for one more shot?

What’s behind that smile 😁

If you keep focusing on what you’ve lost you’ll continue to lose what you have.

Sometimes we stay in a survival mindset because it’s all we’ve ever known.

People say: Work hard and you’ll get to where you need to be.

I’ve always just wanted to play and feel free.

Who says what we can and cannot be?

Who is the boss of me?

We listen to so many outside opinions we forget what our insides have envisioned.

I smile not because im always happy.

I smile not because my life is figured out.

I smile not because I’m even living my dreams out.

I smile because God put this hope in my heart that hasn’t died out.

It’s felt abandoned but I’ve never abandoned myself.

It’s been stomped on, rejected, taken advantage of, and mistreated.

Yet it’s so full of love even when I feel defeated I’ve never really been defeated.

I lead and I flow.

I live and I grow.

But most importantly I know that love is the greatest gift we encompass during this earthly show.

So give everything.

Give it all you’ve got.

And remember when life beats you down and you’re ready to give up there’s always room for one more shot 🏀 🫶🏽✨

Love and light !

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Oct 13, 2022

So inspiring words, that I can relate to. Thank you so much!

Finding one's purpose illuminates the very essence of your life, as uniquely designed by God. Loving yourself is the spark into this reality, and as light shines on your existence, it reflects through to everyone and everything else - like white light through a glass, when set in the right angle, reflects the different colors that converged into that single 'rae' of light! 🙏🔆


Sean C
Sean C
Oct 10, 2022

How true…thanks for the lift🙌🙌

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