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The Broken Has Spoken 📖🖊

It’s the broken hearts that will heal the world.

The broken hearts that refuse to give up.

The broken hearts that don’t stop believing in love.

The broken hearts that learn from their past.

The broken hearts that will smile at last.

The faithful ones who trust in Gods plan.

The strength they carry for every woman and man.

The light beams of this earth.

A broken home built on solid ground.

When what’s beneath the surface is that sturdy it’s born to create something profound and worthy.

So don’t be ashamed of your brokenness.

Be proud of your willingness to get broken.

Be proud of your bravery and devotion.

Be proud of your vulnerability and dedication.

Be proud of your willpower and declaration.

It’s the broken hearts that will mend this earth because the broken hearts will fight no matter how much it hurts . “

As always Love & Light to all ✨

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