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Simply Beautiful 💛

YOU are not alone. Sometimes we feel so lost in this world. Some days we question what we want to do? Where we want to be? Are we making the best decisions? What’s next? Have we chosen the right path? The right partner? Sometimes we feel like we question ourselves because our journey is so unorthodox. Other times we’ve felt less than who we are based on the opinions of others. The list goes on and on.

Most of the time we have placed our value and worth in someone else’s hands and that is always a recipe for disaster. Although on the other hand it could be the most enlightening disaster of all if you're open to the empowering lesson that it could unfold for you. Everything we face is a teacher of some sort. And we hope that one day a moment will smack us right in the face and wake us up from a dreadful place of low self worth. Well guess what? This is the moment.

Not everyone has the same needs. In fact, it’s hard to find two people who benefit from the exact same approach to discover the love they have within them! Life is a pretty confusing journey to say the least. There will be a lot of disappointments you encounter and the key is to face them. To acknowledge and recognize what you're feeling in every moment. Most of us find ways to distract and numb ourselves. It's easier to just go through the motions of life and not hold ourselves accountable. The first step in transformation is gratefulness. We must wake up everyday and appreciate that we have a roof over our head, food on the table, and loved ones around us. We must understand that a simple breath is something to be thankful for because when that's gone so are we. So breathe everything in, hold it at the top, and slowly release the burdens. This heavy weight is no longer yours to carry and I am here to help guide you through it.

Throughout my life and many experiences worldwide, I’ve slowly begun incorporating different strategies into my practice of Self-Love. Everything I am sharing with you I do with myself. This is a daily practice and we only receive what effort we put in. First and foremost you are not broken so understand I am not here to fix you. I am here to support you and guide you back home. Back to where your soul feels the most peace. You are your greatest gift and deciding to invest in yourself is the greatest investment you will ever make. If you don’t have a solid support system the time to start being that for yourself is now which will naturally invite others to join you. Why choose the "Rae of Light" way? For one I'll hold you accountable, my words will be blunt yet encouraging, were always in this together, and I am confident in your success because ultimately your success is my success. We are one in the same. Teamwork makes the dream work. Oh and leave your excuses at the door that's the same bullshit we've been telling ourselves for years and look where it's gotten us. Remember I'm just here as a guide and my growth is happening at the same time as yours none of us have all the answers.

Last but not least just a little something I’ve learned from experience. People say too much of a good thing will kill you , yet I personally disagree because it only makes us fly higher. The uplifting smiles, kind words & gestures, hugs, kisses, watching people's love unfold, passionate stories, spontaneous adventure, just those unbelievably heartfelt moments that are hard to explain in words. Connection is ultimately our greatest gift in life and what our souls are longing for the most. What you value is what sets precedence in your life. Life isn't always simple, but it for damn sure isn't as complicated as we make it. Remember that "Time" isn't guaranteed and it's the simple things that make life what it is...


FIRST EXERCISE: I want you to stop whatever you are doing right now. Take a deep breath, hold it at the top, now exhale slowly. Release all the bullshit. I know how weird you might feel with this because we all judge ourselves & the process but I promise it will eventually become second nature to you.

Say these words to yourself or out loud:

I love you insert your name. I am love. I am loved. I am living my life in love. Love is what I choose from this day forward across all time, space, dimensions, and reality. And so it is. Written in the universe and signed, sealed, delivered by God/Higher Power & myself. Repeat this as often as need be.... which means multiple times a day. Practice makes perfect and love is always the answer.

For those of you who just scrolled by the exercise scroll your happy ass back up and give it a try. You say kind words to everyone else why not to yourself? What do you have to lose?

Until Next Time....

Sending All of You so much LOVE & LIGHT!

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13 de out. de 2020

Much love, great insights, and hugs

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