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Share because you Care ✨

Updated: Apr 19, 2021

There’s nothing you could reveal about yourself that I wouldn’t want to know. This is how I feel about the people I love.

Sharing is easy when it comes to giving you the shirt off my back, lending a helping hand, being a soundboard for hours, doing anything I can to make someone feel better. I have a heart for people. I don’t listen for my own benefit I listen to give space for people to release. We all have our issues and sometimes sharing is the only way to let them go.

My heart feels that. This is why I believe when strangers open their hearts to me it’s for a reason. I’ve heard so many deep, dark, twisted, exciting, powerful, and passionate stories. I’ve had people reveal their souls to me and if there is a benefit for me that right there is it. I love supporting others and being there in anyway I can. I don’t have to say a word but I could say a thousand if you need me to. It takes a lot to share and sometimes I think that’s why it’s easier with strangers. There is no judgement. They don’t know you. They probably won’t ever see you again and there is no bias. On the flip side that could be an easy way out as well.

Are you sharing with the people who matter most to you? Are you ripping off the bandaid of brokenness and allowing the wounds to heal? Are you laying your heart on the table at the risk of knowing it could be hurt again or even better healed? You see we all want to be seen, heard, valued and loved but we don’t want to sacrifice ourselves. We don’t want to bruise our egos. We don’t want to lay our prideful swords down and surrender.

What if they don’t like us? What if we’re not good enough? What if our mistakes scare them away? What if we’re damaged goods? Why would they even bother with someone like me? Why do I deserve this? Why do I get to live happily ever after? What’s so special about me? So many questions that none of us really have the answers to. We just know that our souls are longing for peace and happiness.

Personally, I haven’t always liked to share. I’m a private person and to an extent I’ll always be that way but I’ve also had walls up. I’ve been scared to get my heart broken. I’ve been scared of rejection. I’ve been scared of repeated cycles. I’ve been so fearful of these things because I’ve had them happen before. We all have. We’ve laid our hearts on the line and been severely shattered in the process. I believe that being with someone who can’t love you back is way lonelier than being alone. Yet if we don’t try and lay our hearts on the line we’ll never know and end up shattered anyway. Broken and alone.

Sometimes I’ve wished that I wasn’t so passionate. That I wasn’t so deep and connected. That my heart could just let go of people and I could move through life without a care in the world. That peoples opinions didn’t bother me. I’m not going to lie at times I’ve wished that but I wouldn’t be the woman God made me to be if I were any of those things.

I wouldn’t be the woman who doesn’t let her guard down easily but when she does she will love you for a lifetime. I wouldn’t be the woman who will show up for you no matter what is going on in my life. I wouldn’t be the woman who is utterly exhausted with her own issues but still picks up the phone and talks for hours to make sure her friend is okay. I wouldn’t be the woman who thinks of others and tries to understand their perspective. I wouldn’t be the woman who cares so deeply because that’s the only way life makes sense.

I wouldn’t be the stubborn and relentless woman who sticks by your side through thick and thin. I wouldn’t be the woman who has learned to break her own walls down and create healthy boundaries instead. I wouldn’t be the woman who has learned to take care of her well-being first. I wouldn’t be the woman who cries because she feels like she may never have her dreams come true but she keeps trying anyway. I wouldn’t be the woman who allows herself to feel everything. I wouldn’t be the woman whose wisdom and intuition drives her nuts at times. I wouldn’t be the scatterbrained over thinker who analyzes every piece to the puzzle. I wouldn’t be the woman I fell in love with and that in itself would be a shame.

The woman who has fought her way through some cold hearted bullshit and is still standing here so strong and compassionate. I’m a lot softer. I’m way more vulnerable. I’m sensitive as can be and most importantly I am extremely grateful. The greatest lesson I’ve learned is that my broken heart didn’t break me it made me. It made me the woman I am today. A woman that never gives up and is fueled by love.

A woman that believes in the purity of people. A woman that believes in sharing. Sharing our hopes, wants, and fears. Letting go of the judgement we cling to and allowing people to hold our hearts too. A world full of giving and receiving the truth. A woman that no matter what happens will continue to spread good into the world. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again 4 hands are better than two. Share your life while you’re still living. True love exists. Team work makes the Dream work. Thank you God for the woman I am and the woman I am becoming. My faith in you has always kept me going. Thank you for giving me the space to share my soul. I hope it gives all of you hope and the courage to open your hearts and share yours too.

Happy Easter 🙏🏽 He has Risen.

Love & Light to all! ✨

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1 Comment

Apr 05, 2021

Happy Easter, thanks for your sharing, its beautiful and heartfelt... can relate on so much, keep on keeping on girl Peace, love and hugs

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