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✨ Self Acceptance ✨

What a touchy subject.

It stirs up the most vulnerable parts of ourselves.

It asks us to ask the tough questions and to be present as we listen to the answers that unfold within us.

Some of the answers cut deep.

Some of the answers are challenging.

Some take us completely out of our comfort zone only to show us it was revealing what needs to be faced to bring us home.

It can be a daunting task to face our own reflection and to understand the redirection.

People say “Be Kinder to yourself”... “Stay positive”... “Don’t take it personally”... ooo the list goes on and it can be quite frustrating yet also very eye opening.

As you know I come in this space to heal and be healed.

If I’m going to use any form of media it’s to embody my souls recognition.

To use the wisdom I’ve been blessed with and honor life’s lessons.

There will be days we don’t feel at home and there will be days that the comfort of our own skin is all we really know.

To keep reaching for our full potential means we must stop lying to ourselves.

We must remove the shackles of fear based feelings and remind ourselves that our time is never guaranteed.

When I think of time it fascinates me.

Sometimes it feels like it doesn’t exist, and other times it feels like the last grain of sand is falling from the hourglass into the abyss.

It’s bewildering how secure we can feel at our roots yet still so unsteady even in the light of the truth.

Unbecoming parts of who we have become. The further we uproot the further we succumb to our truth.

Identifying what we truly value compared to what makes us feel right.

In the end my friends it’s not about what makes us right it’s about what makes us happy.

Accepting ones self is a journey not a destination.

We have very little control of what’s to come although we think we control it all.

The simplest way to portray the solution is to continue learning from every experience and trust that we will always end up exactly where we are meant to be.

Not ever knowing what’s next but having faith that our steps will eventually unveil our souls context.

From my heart to yours ✨

love & light to all!

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1 Kommentar

14. Sept. 2021

Yes, live in moment, pray,trust God, be a worker amongst workers, a power of example, be nice, smile.....its when things are going bad for ourselfs we need to understand that God is still with us, that God can be the God of your understanding, Thanks for your wisdom girl, peace,love and hugs

Gefällt mir
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