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My faith is the best of me 🙏🏽✨

Do you carry a Boulder on your shoulder?

Learning to release the weight of the world as you try to escape.

Escape from the past and future chains.

Not just trying to catch a break but free yourself from all burden for goodness sake.

Free from mental, physical, and emotional prison.

A stuck energy that the enemy uses to blind your vision.

A think tank of destruction not one of production.

Little thought bubbles scattered everywhere we go.

We are starved from a clear head.

The devil knows what potion we need to be fed to keep us in darkness & dread.

The only problem is his program is old news playing the same tune.

We are smarter than the enemy once we hone in and realize we’re not alone we have Jesus as our defense.

Nothing greater or more powerful than his presence.

He offers forgiveness, love, and transcendence.

An author of love and light.

We have nothing to fear when Jesus is near.

The peaceful thing about it is he’s always here.

Right by our side.

Claim his presence.

I surrender.

I am yours.

I am not staying trapped in a place that isn’t yours.

I am worthy.

I am faithful.

I am loyal to your love and there is nothing we can’t handle.

Together arm and arm I walk with your warm charm.

You never fail me.

You never give up.

You never let me fall without helping me up. You are my redirector.

Now and forevermore I have found my protector.

Thank you Jesus I look to you in failure and victory.

I look to you when life feels like a mystery.

I look to you when I’m troubled with history. In every puzzle you are the piece that fits for me.

I am grateful for all you are to me and I hope while I am here on earth I can be a beacon of your light for all the world to see.

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