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Mask Off

In a world where you can be anything being yourself is the most overlooked. We are clouded by limitations, rules, should be’s, and opinions. We are trying to follow who our parents want us to be. Who our significant others ask us to be. What our friends tell us we should be like.

We are losing sight of what our hearts are truly longing for. We dance around everything we want to please the people around us. We quiet our voices. We decide that it’s better to not cause conflict and just go with what everyone else wants for our lives.

This isn’t what your soul was brought to this earth for. You are not here to just fill up space. To only live for other people. To feel trapped in a life that you never wanted in the first place. We create so much pain in our physical bodies because we are carrying a life we never asked for. We can’t find mental clarity because it’s burdened with the wants and needs of everyone else. We wake up and think what mask should I wear today? Which one is going to get me through with the least amount of confrontation. We don’t even want to confront our own needs or face ourselves in the mirror.

Well that’s about to change if you’re ready. And guess what you’re never going to be ready you just have to jump and that will make you ready. It’s shedding season. Just like the autumn leaves fall from the trees we must let go of the low vibrational energy we cling to. It’s a time to release this weight. It’s time to dig deep and navigate through all the muck that’s taking up space in your system to uncover the pure soul you have within you. The one who wasn’t tainted by the relentless negative energies flying around us at every turn.

Spend sometime with yourself. Get to know that little girl and little boy that lives within you. Get to know that old woman and man that resides in your soul. Have compassion for who you are, where you are, and where you are deciding to go. Create a safe space for your inner being to communicate with you. We give so much time to everyone else yet we don’t even get to know ourselves. Show yourself some love by showing up for yourself. Natural givers love to be there for others but what we don’t realize is that it will be more fulfilling when you also do this for yourself.

It’s time to remove the masks and release illusions. It’s time to lead from this day forward with authenticity. There is no one that can replace you because there is only one you. There is no one better than that beautiful soul you are hiding inside. Letting go and allowing your true self to show up in every moment isn’t going to be easy. It’s going to take practice. Isn’t it a shame that we’ve been taught to not show up as we are for so long now we have to put in effort to just BE.

Now that’s some fucked up shit if you ask me but I’m here to tell you just how special you are. I’m here to remind you of the beauty that resides in your heart. I’m here to shed light on how you shine the brightest when you let people see you. When you don’t put yourself in restraints but you break out of those chains with a big smile on your face and maybe a tear falling down your cheek. It’s a scary relief to show up as you are. It’s also the most gratifying feeling you could ever possess.

So, cheers to all of the people deciding it’s time to BE YOURSELF. I’m in your corner and I’m always here to inspire you to never give up. Trust your gut. Trust God. Trust that your choices are leading you exactly where you are meant to be even when the road gets a little foggy. Love can feel like a stranger at times but it’s honestly easy so don’t make it hard. All we have is here and now. Keep giving. Keep loving. And most importantly Keep being YOU!

Exercise: This week I want you to take time for yourself and nope you’re not too busy. These are excuses you keep telling yourself. I want you to do whatever lights your heart up. Go for a hike, take a hot epsom salt bath, play a round of golf, dance, sing, paint, journal, take a dip in the ocean, climb a mountain.... it doesn’t matter what it is as long as you’re happy. I want you to do this for yourself and don’t apologize for it. It’s your time and you decide what makes you feel good. Have some fun and enjoy giving to yourself. You deserve it!

Until next time

Sending you all so much love and light. ✨

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