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Like the Seasons...Your Heart will Change 🍂

We often hear: “People don’t change and if they do it won’t be that fast.”

Truth is people do change and the pace depends on our willingness to surrender.

Change occurs often.

At times very slowly and other times at the drop of a hat.

Change depends on self awareness.

Change depends on desire.

Change depends on accountability.

Change depends on openness to redirection. Change depends on loss.

Change depends on gains.

Change depends on a willingness to change your story.... and to give God the time & all the glory. Change depends on breaking free from the chains. Change can’t occur when we are chained by guilt, rage, pain, fear, confusion, chaos, self sabotage, or any other form of self doubt. Although we have a tough time releasing from these bondages. We will feel stuck in a cage until we choose to break from those chains.

The choice is yours.

A space where only love remains. We are loved.

We are healed.

We are free.

It is now spoken. As you speak these words know you’ve released a stronghold.

You’ve trusted God would not let you fold.

A plan for your life he has promised to mold. A trusted guide with a story to be told. Speak with conviction as you say...

May Gods blessings be Bold as I pray. May he lift my spirit up high.

May he mend my heart, mind, body and soul. May he shower me with abundance and may I revere as it unfolds? My deep devotion will allow me to share it.

I’m here to honor and serve.

I’m here to learn.

I’m here to teach.

I’m here until my souls mission is complete.

I honor change.

I honor respect.

I honor love.

I honor the truth in all retrospect.

God I ask you to pour into our hearts and create great change.

This is the ending, and the beginning, yet both matter the exact same. With love and honor I’ll continue to use my gifts to bring love to this earthly plane.

Amen 🙏🏽

Love & Light to all ✨🍂

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28. Sept. 2021

Trust God, things will change for the best, not always on our time but in God's, be grateful for everything, everyone, and shine your light, peace, love and hugs...thanks for your gift today

Gefällt mir
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