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Let Love & Gratitude Set The Tone.

Updated: Jul 28, 2021

A simple reminder that nothing is instantaneous. Those 10 pounds you want to shed. That new car or house you’ve had your eye on. That skill you’ve been trying to master. That dream career you’ve been gripping so tightly. The love of your life. The beautiful children. Everything I mean everything takes time. It might seem like it happened so fast or maybe it feels like its taking forever. We must take into account every interaction from birth is a result of where we are now.

Time is our friend. Time is priceless. Time is precious. Time is timeless. We don’t know how much time we have it could be one split second or a million more moments. We can’t control that. Deception is everywhere around us and often not easily detected. We have been ingrained with deception so often by so many people and things around us. Advertisements, the media, friends, family, spouses, and so much more finding ways to entice us with our innermost desires. Deception is posed with the most beautiful silhouette to manipulate our minds and make us feel like we need instant gratification. It toys with our natural human longings and laughs at how easily it can seduce us.

Sometimes it’s hard for us to pinpoint and other times we allow these things to play tricks on us and do it because everyone else is. That’s one of my least favorite sayings

“everyone else is doing it”. It makes me roll my eyes instantly. We desperately want to fit in and we would do almost anything to make that happen. We become so selfish to please whatever our inner voice is asking us for. We do it to please others as well so we can feel some sort of validation.

The truth of the matter is we naturally have self control but we find excuses for everything we do so we don’t have to admit that it was ultimately our choice. It was our choice to try a fad diet. It was our choice to steal. It was our choice to cheat. It was our choice to party and drive home. It was our choice to do drugs. It was our choice to lie. It was our choice to hurt someone. It was our choice to sleep with a random stranger. It was our choice to gamble our money away. We all make mistakes and we can choose to ignore them or learn from it.

Everything is a choice. Yes, I know I’m speaking the harsh truth. Yes, I know people are battling self worth and addictions. Yes, I know people have mental health issues. Yes, I know that life is not easy but the fact of the matter is there is always a choice. We have to choose to want better for ourselves. We have to choose to get help. We have to choose to lean on the people that love us. We have to choose to lean on God the most because there will be times when no one else is in sight. It’s always been between you and God anyway.

If you don’t believe in God Im not here to force you but do me a favor and think of it this way... When you die if God is real and you believe how amazing will that be? On the flip side if you die and he isn’t what did you have to lose for believing? God gets us through our selfish acts. God gets us through our limiting beliefs. Gods gets us through grief and self doubt. God gets us through past pain. God gets us through the prison we put ourselves in because we’re afraid to take a leap of faith.

Like I said before everything in this life takes time. So use your time wisely. Use it for good. Use it to reveal wisdom and purpose. Use it to be kind and uplifting. Use it to better your health in mind, body, and spirit. Use it to grow, expand, and elevate your mindset. Use it to love and honor your loved ones. Use it to be a better human. Use it to find wholeness within yourself so you can be whole with everyone else. Use it to spend time with people who encourage, enlighten, and truly care for you. Use it for compassion and empathy. Use it to listen and understand. Use it to be a better friend.

There is no shortcut to being a better you. It takes time and effort. It takes courage and vulnerability. It takes strength to face yourself and decide your worth. It takes faith to stand strong in your convictions no matter what you are faced with. It takes bravery to not back down from what you know you deserve. It takes patience and perseverance. It takes letting go of people who aren’t on the same frequency you’ve been growing into. You are building and sometimes it takes a smaller more polished construction crew to create your dream foundation.

I’m a big believer in “we can have it all” because WE CAN! Maybe not today, tomorrow, next week, or even next month but I promise if you never give up hope in what you believe you will have it one day. It may not be exactly how you pictured it but most likely better than what you even imagined because when God is involved it’s miraculous. It comes in shapes we’ve only had dreams about. It shows up in a way that Gods hand has to be placed in it because logically it doesn’t make sense. When that day happens and it will remember to thank the man upstairs and to continue thanking him each and everyday through the good and the bad. Start thanking him now for the people and opportunities that have not yet shown up in your life. I do this everyday because I can feel them even when I can’t see them yet and I know he’s working behind the scenes.

There is no person or material item that can make you feel like you are good enough. You yourself are more than enough as you are. When you honor that. When you honor Gods purposeful work because that’s exactly what you are, blessings will start to pour in and thoughtful choices will be made easier.

We are all made for a purpose.

We are here to spread love and light.

We are warriors who rise when we are covered in darkness only to come out shining more light on the other side.

We are here to speak from our hearts.

We are here to exude passion and let it pour from our souls.

We are the twisted minds who always have hope.

We have emotional and intellectual depth.

We have the kind of character others won’t forget.

We are the ones who wouldn’t dare live on the surface level.

We are the ones who know that being emotionally invested holds more fruit.

The kind of people who speak nothing but the truth.

If we are being honest we know within there is nothing special in the shallow waters my friends so swim in the deep end that’s where the journey really begins.

We must trust the soul God gave us so we can mend. Not only our hearts but the billions that are akin.

So I’ll leave you with a challenge.

Start sifting through the mud that’s so easily accessible in our world today and try swimming in deep fresh waters cleansed and rejuvenated. It’s easy to follow the crowd it’s hard to stand alone. The funny thing is we’re never really alone. I pray we don’t forget that! Let‘s continue to LOVE ourselves and thy neighbor as our own.

Lets do our best to start each day letting love and gratitude set the tone. 💛

Love & Light to All !! ✨

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