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Just a woman doing her best.

Updated: Nov 16, 2021

A Midwest woman that no matter what road she takes, she always stays true to her faith.

Old school values with some new view twists.

She believes in true love and romance.

A woman that wears her heart on her sleeve, but won’t be taken advantage of, so if that’s your deal she’ll walk you out the door and get back to her peace.

A forgiving and graceful woman who sees the best in people.

An honest fun loving woman who knows life is a delicate dance.

A loyal woman who doesn’t change up for a dollar, name, fortune, or fame.

A woman who gives glory to the highest and trusts that God will always take care of her.

A woman who has sat in the trenches, and isn’t afraid to sit with you in the dark, but will always find a way to bring light to our hearts.

A woman who wants the best for every being and sends love to all no matter how she’s been treated.

A woman who doesn’t have all the answers.

A woman who dives deep within to understand.

A woman who isn’t afraid to be vulnerable and show emotion.

A woman who when she loves she goes all in.

A woman who will always be there to lend a hand, ear, and be a friend until the end.

A woman that knows she’s special and is grateful for Gods favor.

A woman placed here to plant seeds of inclusion.

A woman that doesn’t take this life for granted and is thankful each & every day god has given her to rise above all illusion.

💛💛I love you through & through💛💛

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