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If only we loved when it’s hard, we’d learn how love is the cure for it all.

Let’s love when it’s hard to love at all.

Let‘s love when we’re in pain.

Let‘s love when we’re feeling drained. Let‘s love when every moment feels mundane.

Let‘s love when someone calls us out of our name. Let‘s love through rocky terrain.

Let‘s love when we want to run away from everything. Let‘s love through the fire and the rain.

Let‘s love when it feels like everything but love remains.

Let‘s love through our mistakes. Let‘s love when our heart aches. Let’s put love first and not push it away.

I know life may seem like were running a race. Like we can’t find what we’re looking for, but the truth is we don’t stand in one place long enough to notice whats right in front of our face. Self sabotage has become our escape.

I know the pain is overwhelming and sometimes we lose faith. The only way to change this pattern is to let love seep through our veins. Deep in our soul we know we’ve been stuck in the devils game.

We’ve been stagnant now it’s time for us to play. Stand up to our demons and release the restraints. We’ve never been alone God is here to lead the way.

One day at a time love will fill our bones and the pain will be replaced. So let love in because we’re slowly killing ourselves holding onto tainted weight. We all make mistakes.

We can’t stay comfortable in the dark because we don’t feel worthy to light the way.

We all are a gift.

We can’t be replaced. We process our stories differently.

I just hope we all live in love and not fear.

The truth of the matter is were going to die one day so heaven forbid we refuse to let that happen while we’re still here.

P.s. Leave your love on the table because you never know if that will be your last time to take a seat. Love & Light to all ✨🙏🏽

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Aug 14, 2021

Lets love without because❤. Love

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