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Her essence is shared through a capture yet she can never truly be captured.

A naturally elusive soul.

Her spirit dances freely.

Comfortable in her own skin.

Her essence is shared through a capture,

yet she can never truly be captured.

She doesn’t match society’s expectations.

Put her in a box if you must but she will never quite fit.

She attracts attention yet how often is she seen.

And even when she is seen she desires much more than the eyes of her peers.

To pierce ones heart and remind them to appreciate what they value is what feels sincere.

The fearful ones will misunderstand her.

The play it safe ones will see her as impetuous.

She is judged by many.

She knows she will never be everything to everybody.

She’s okay with that.

She is special to somebody.

She exudes love as if her bones were formed from it.

She oozes compassion as if her blood was composed of it.

She is at the precipice of promise.

A feeling so strong as God whispers to hold on.

She stands firm.

Secure in her thoughts.

Deserving of it all as her dreams hold her hand.

Whole and unashamed.

She is full of life even when the shadows take a stand.

She’s a mystery that keeps you intrigued.

How beautiful it is to see someone of such contrast yet so divinely connected to the prince of peace.

God bless you all

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