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Grit ✨Grace ✨& Growth ✨

Get comfortable sharing how your heart broke yet it also healed. They are both valuable lessons. They are both pivotal moments in your life. Don’t be afraid to share your experiences it’s what made you who you are. These lessons are valuable tools for growth. Expressing your process can encourage others to express theirs. It can open eyes, ears, and hearts.

A powerful story is meant to be shared. It’s meant to teach. It’s meant to shed light on what is just out of reach. Every story we encounter has a piece to the puzzle we are trying to put together. Trust that everything happens for a reason. Every person you meet is meant to share that moment in time with you. If only you believe in your destiny you’ll receive it. What’s meant for you will always be.

You can acknowledge your purpose with open arms or keep choosing the same daunting cycle. God will continue to place you in the same situations until you decide that you have outgrown them. That you deserve more than the continuous barriers you have encountered and you know deep in your heart your life is meant to have more fulfillment and peace. It depends on your grace & fortitude how quickly it will exude, the life you’ve been dreaming of is nothing but truth. It’s at your fingertips. It’s right on the other side of fear.

God is granting you a gift if you’ll only listen closely. He’s bringing you clarity and cheerfully toasting. Toasting to your patience. Your virtue. Your forgiveness. Your kindness. Your self work. Your faith. And your undying love for love. You attract who you are yet that also leaves room for succulents. Succulents aren’t bad people they are searching as well and tend to suck the life out of people around them trying to fill their own void. Leave them with more love than you found them and thank them for waking you up even more. They are also a gift for you. They awaken you to the darkness within you. They challenge you to face your demons.

We all have things we don’t want to face so we keep shoving them down deeper within our being hoping they magically disappear. It’s time to face them. It’s time to be strong when you feel weak. God is asking you to trust him because you are now finding your worth and identity. It will feel lonely at times but boy o boy will it be rewarding.

Abundance isn’t meant to come easy it’s through trials that the windows of fulfillment begin to open. The warm breeze grazes your face. You feel the sun shining down on you intrinsically. It’s like everything around you is starting to make sense. This is your awakening. Your time to rise up. To believe in the beauty within and also surrounding you. To enjoy what you have right NOW. You are a gift and you deserve everything that is being given to you. Stay grateful ... you have always been worthy of it all but now you will truly appreciate it.

Until next time

Sending love & light to all 💫

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Melody Kandil
Melody Kandil
Nov 01, 2020

Thank you so much 🙏🏽✨


Nov 01, 2020

Much love to you, i have been on a mission to know myself the last 30 years and i find your writing so ballszy ( boston slang) and so much truth. I realize love is all that matters but living in the daily grind can take me down roads i really dont wont to travel. Keep them coming, learning from your beautiful words of wisdom

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