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For Love of the Game 🏀

My first love.

When I was young you were like a drug.

Blood, sweat, and tears.

I’d do anything with you... you helped me conquer my fears.

You created an environment that was pleasurable.

You built my confidence so high I felt immeasurable.

You made me feel so unique and special.

Some things felt unnatural but I learned that, that was natural.

I was learning and growing.

You spoke to my heart.

Unwrapped my mind.

Compartmentalized the emotions that I bottled up inside.

I played with you every chance I got.

You developed my character.

Taught me integrity.

You undressed every part of my life just to dress it better.

You coached me.

You were consistent.

You raised me through discipline.

You showed me that if I wanted something I had to go and get it.

You instilled dedication and devotion.

You helped create this woman.

You helped shape this woman.

A special bond that forever lives on because no matter what when I step on a court

I’m transported to a nostalgic resort.

One filled with memories of all sorts.

I’m reminded of love, honor, & teamwork.

And in order to be successful those values must be the center of my dream work.

Reminded how I learned to play different roles.

Replays to show me that life is a series of chapters to unfold.

Basketball isn’t something just to be played.

It’s a useful tool to help navigate our way.

That’s something I never take for granted.

Whatever sport you played, I believe we will always carry a piece of it.

It built a mindset to find faith beyond all reasoning.

A place in our heart’s will always hold space for its seasoning.

It took its time to build a beast that’s only deepening.

When we dig in for how it educated us....

It’s hard to regret any sacrifices we made while it shaped us.

No matter how long the journey was it can feel like a bittersweet goodbye, because we found and let go of a love that never truly dies. ❤️

Love & Light to all ✨

p.s. Dig deep for what things in life are teaching you. 🙏🏽

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