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Faith in the unseen is all I see.

Lord fill me with your virtue.

Test me with the worldly temptation.

Splatter my sin in my face so I can honor your destination.

So I can understand my repentance.

So I can grow in your discipline.

Show me where I struggle.

Show me where I fumble.

Show me how to disassemble earthly power so I do not crumble.

Illuminate my flaws so I can console them all.

Give me your wisdom so I can follow your ways.

So I can show up & be a holy example each & everyday.

I know I will trip but I will not fall.

I know you’ll forgive me and love me through it all.

You’ve saved me for later for good measure.

A hidden treasure built to embody the highest pleasure.

Your plan is always worth the confusing wait and pressure.

You favor my soul.

I promise you lord I’ll continue to learn how to surrender to your hope.

Faith in the unseen is all I see.

I can’t help but walk fervently on this journey.

You have opened my eyes and it’s redeeming.

Thank you for your protection.

Thank you for your redirection.

Thank you for your mercy and grace as I learn these life lessons.

I am grateful for this journey and grateful to you.

I pray that I always honor the ultimate truth.

Whenever I start to veer I pray you instantly make it all so clear.

A vessel I was created to be, to share true love endlessly.

Keep my heart pure and my head aligned in your word.

Help me lead with the agape love you designed lord.

I trust you and your opinion not this earthly dimension.

So take my hand and let’s walk together in this ongoing ascension. ✨

Love & light! Keep climbing my friends 🏔

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