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Change is constant 💫

Word on the street is energy doesn’t lie, yet the humans made up of it surely do. Energy is a constant change. It’s morphing and merging through every vessel.

You see change is normal. It’s the way we cling to not changing that is unnatural. We focus on why things were instead of letting them be what they are. We stay stuck in past memories more than we take action to make new ones. Every moment is different. Every day is brand new. We think we have routine but nothing is the same in each day we live, so that right there shows us just how constant change really is.

Its how we are choosing to experience it that sets precedence for how we live. It’s up to us to become adaptable to what life throws at us and no matter what it is we choose to grow from it. It’s our responsibility to take care of ourselves and if you ask me growth is the only option. If we choose to stay stagnant we mise well be dead.

Sometimes change hits us in the stomach like a sudden punch. It rips our hearts out of our chest. On the other hand change can be magical and feel so euphoric we never want it to end. When the change is monumental it can feel like death or it can feel like a second chance. How we react is our choice.

Do we want to die while we’re still alive or have a second chance at life? A chance to live the way we’ve always dreamed of but were too afraid to risk. Afraid of what people would say about us or just their reactions in general. Afraid of rejection and failure. Afraid that we don’t deserve to have whatever we’ve always dreamed of in the first place.

We grasp so tightly for change to happen refusing to loosen our grip. How is change supposed to happen when we would rather hold onto our comfort zones than surrender to the unknown. Most see change as a risk or even a loss. What a difference it would make if our perspective was a gain at all costs. If we looked at change as a gain our growing pains would no longer remain. We might obtain new ones in different seasons but the ones we learned from we finally let go of. We’d release the dead weight and have faith during the wait.

The wait from one season to the next. Our life is forever changing. Just like spring, summer, fall, and winter things change but the most important thing is the choices we make each and everyday. It’s those choices that decide the affect of our change. It not only affects us but everyone around us.

Our choices are our responsibility and when we make a mistake we must choose to learn from it if we want to relinquish it. We don’t push it down or shy away. We face our mistakes with grace, love, and understanding. We are imperfect beings and that’s what makes life worth it. We get a chance to grow and change in each moment. Yet, we’re not promised another moment so we can’t take the ones we’ve been given for granted.

We were born once and we can be born again whenever we choose. We don’t have to be the person we were yesterday. We don’t have to let our past weigh us down. We don’t have to do anything. Although I hope we look in the mirror and decide who we really want to be. Saying it is the first step. Being it is a whole different story.

It’s our choice to live in God’s glory. To forgive ourselves for past discretions and honor that our life is a blessing. You see change is an honor my friends. It’s a whirlwind of twists, turns, and bends. I hope we choose to flow through all the change because in the end the only thing that remains is our story. The legacy we leave when we exit this earth I hope it’s filled with heart and not just inventory.

So I’ll leave you with this question: Are you more afraid of change or staying the same?

Only you can answer that. Be honest.

Love and light to all 💫

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1 Comment

Leah Peczynski
Leah Peczynski
May 06, 2021

Amen!! So important to realize we need change to grow, and just as important to accept the change and to understand we will have many emotions with each new obstacle. We are imperfect creatures designed to change and evolve and be more like our creator. His grace is upon us, we just need to take action and start the movement within our life. We need to have grace and mercy but also courage and humility. If we can't figure out where we need to change we can ask for help and direction 😊🥰🥰

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