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Be Fierce in your Feelings 🌙

Updated: Oct 6, 2021

Allow yourself to feel the full spectrum of your emotions no matter how fiercely it arises within you.







whatever it is dont tame it.

Free the restraints and let the feelings flow freely.

Does it feel restricting?

Do you feel a weight on your chest?

Does it feel like you’re out of breath?

Do you feel on top of the world with no regrets?

Are you overwhelmed in shame? Don’t worry about who or what is to blame. Don’t let anyone play with your feelings like a game. Don’t deny what you feel no matter how weird the journey seems.

Focus on the feeling at hand and where it stems from. Your feelings are valuable... even the fleeting ones. Your feelings are trying to reach you to teach you. Listen.

Don’t blow them off or push them down. Don’t run from the uncomfortable position they are putting you in.

Let them stir the pot.

Humans are filled with many ingredients and spices. There is a method to the madness of emotions brewing inside of us. If we stop the water from boiling it’s like stopping our soul from growing. Even when the feelings seem too much to bare. Even when it feels as though we can’t take much more and we have no time to spare. That’s the time we need to dig deeper. That’s when we need to share.

We would much rather feel hurt than feel nothing at all I promise you that. Whether we are overwhelmed with internal emotions or external it’s all coming up for a purpose. Every persons purpose is different yet we’re all one in the same. So my darlings I challenge you to feel... feel it all... feel everything and then feel it some more.

Our feelings will bring us the breakthrough we have been longing for when we least expect it. Don’t give up and most importantly Keep on FEELING.

If we arent feeling are we really living at all?

Love and Light to all 🕊

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