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A note to yourself ✍🏽

Updated: Jun 16, 2022

Go ahead and judge every part of me.

I know what it’s like to feel unseen.

Most of the time I listen and observe.

Taming the inner beast thats ready to defend me.

Patiently waiting to unleash what’s buried within me.

A voice of reason that knows how to flow through every season.

Overlooked & Rejected but understanding of Gods protection for redirection.

Even when the path has been unclear I’ve only trusted the Holy Spirit to steer.

Timid & tired became a way of life.

Pain become the fuel for me to fight.

Internal struggle was an understatement.

The devil suffocated me with an overthinking blanket.

I was keeping quiet through Gods awakening.

Letting it flow through every ache in me.

Letting him guide the battles I should be facing and removing the ones that needed replacing.

My purpose was ready to face me.

The question was am I ready for where it’s taking me.

Am I ready to let go of people, places, thoughts, attributes, attitudes, and the mistakes in me?

Am I ready to forgive the past and live out what’s left of me?

Am I ready to let go of the worldly teachings?

Am I ready to just be me not attached to any other beings?

Am I ready to light the way for just simply being?

Take me as I am or leave me as you are.

Just make sure when you judge you judge me completely.

You can say it’s with good or even bad intentions.

No matter the intention, whats your agenda?

I hope judgement leads us all to surrender.

Letting go of needing to know why people judge in the first place.

Why they treat you the way they do.

Why you feel you need to be valued.

Letting go of the words that slip off their tongues and your ego feeling like you need to tell them they are wrong.

How beautiful that space can be but the rollercoaster there feels like a cycle repeating.

Your heart will race and then feel like it’s steadily beating.

The twist & turns can feel defeating.

Although the word “woke” is readily trending.

The actual inner work to become is never ending.

Nevertheless, judge me completely and impose your beliefs upon me.

You will anyway.

Just know I am becoming more dangerous everyday.

I’m learning to love every part of me is the only way.

That’s a tool that nobody can take away.

They can sting you with their words.

Hurt you with their gestures.

Deceive you with their actions and use you for pleasure.

Those things will never outweigh the time you poured into loving you.

You’ll start to understand all those things really have nothing to do with you.

The inner work is the greatest work you’ll ever do.

So, yes please continue to judge me completely.

Theres only one judge anyway.

My soul will be good either way.

And maybe just maybe my soul will ignite yours to dance and play.

Love & Light to all. ✨💛🙏🏽

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Nice one, takes many years to fully get a grasp on how to have the power and love for one self, you writings cover how I feel but can't always comprehend to another soul, love hugs prayers.peace

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